Today, WKZ operates in a simple, secure, and transparent manner

Automated WKZ processing enables more targeted local advertising

Combining local marketing with a cross-regional campaign can generate maximum attention and advertising pressure, leading to increased sales. To orchestrate such a campaign across regions, advertising subsidies can beused. WKZ is an effective means of incentivising local retail and sales partners to place more CI-compliant, local advertising. And for those who may be concerned about the effort and processing involved, or the possibility of using different budgets, we have a solution. Our WKZ module has been tried and tested for years and is constantly being further developed. We also customise it to the specific needs of our customers, making it a viable alternative to manual WKZ processing.

Automated and clearly defined approval processes

If the channel for providing receipts to the inspection body is not specified, they can be sent via post, email, WhatsApp or Messenger. Our intelligent upload function helps to eliminate any confusion. We have clearly defined criteria and processes, with automated status communication, which are transparent and traceable for all parties involved. Automated approval processes are triggered for system bookings, enabling simple and resource-efficient control of submitted advertising.

Get the most out of your budget

Many sales partners have multiple WKZ budgets, including budgets for individual locations. The system manages these budgets automatically, ensuring optimal utilization of all options. This means that every retail partner can receive the maximum amount of advertising without the need for manual calculations or adjustments. The prompt reimbursement of costs is ensured through the automated transfer of approved activities to internal customer billing systems such as SAP, which also ensures satisfied partners.

Real-time overviews, customised for the group or retailer, presented in a clear and concise manner

An automated solution can improve transparency and provide an overview of advertising subsidies. By monitoring and logging all subsidies in real-time, the company can better understand its marketing expenditure and plan accordingly. This applies to individual sales partners and locations, as well as the group. Users can choose to display the analyses as figures or graphs. This not only facilitates individual data recording but also enables easy integration of results into subsequent presentations.

Audit-proof documentation: secure and legally compliant

Compliance with retention obligations, tamper-proof documentation of all process steps, and monitoring of compliance rules are all automated. This ensures that everything can be traced and viewed even after 10 years without any human intervention.

Our WKZ module saves time, provides an up-to-date overview for everyone involved, and conserves resources by automatically mapping all actions and WKZ-capable activities in one place. Additionally, it offers transparent and fast approval workflows.

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