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Marketing management redefined

Your headquarters for management, communication, geomarketing and media planning

Successful marketing campaigns are based on efficient management

Planning and controlling as well as monitoring and coordinating all international, national and local marketing activities – these are major challenges for companies with a decentralized sales structure.

Thanks to socoto’s modular system, companies book exactly the elements they need, enabling their employees to manage processes optimally.


Real-time transparency is crucial in marketing. Our precise analysis tools deliver customized, role-based reports in real time. With push subscriptions, users also receive relevant information on the go for quick reactions. This guarantees planning security and maximizes efficiency, especially in the field.

Marketing planning

A clear view of complex planning: Our tool clearly combines local, national and international marketing strategies. Centralized and decentralized plans are easily created and updated. Partners and content suppliers can be integrated effortlessly, while real-time data always guarantees up-to-date planning statuses.

Resource management

Location-based advertising management made easy! socoto offers Europe’s first retail media management system that connects all of a company’s locations. Our platform provides marketers with valuable insights and smart features for customized retail advertising strategies.

Budget planning

Future-oriented budget management: Our daily cost overview enables flexible action. With audit-proof budget movements and automated regulations, budgets can be reallocated or increased in a targeted manner and leeway can be optimally utilized.

PoS planning

Efficient PoS marketing: studies show that a third of purchases are decided spontaneously at the point of sale. Our PoS planner automates the provision of retailers with promotion-based advertising materials, plans needs-based PoS packages and ensures transparent workflows for sustainable retail marketing.

Application review & subsidy

Make efficient use of advertising subsidies: Local marketing campaigns are synchronized with supra-regional campaigns in order to direct advertising pressure in a targeted manner. Automated WKZ creation for budget-relevant activities creates transparency and security. Review and approval workflows are channeled – for guaranteed legal and audit security.

The foundation of targeted and effective marketing campaigns

We manage the centralized cross-channel and cross-device provision and playout of content for a variety of campaigns, sales partners and countries in order to guide the customer journey at every point and bring it to a conclusion. Think global – sell local!


Small gestures, big impact: our promotional products store offers a wide range of products with all the relevant information. Simply add to your shopping cart, order and worry about nothing else. Service providers can customize their delivery methods and costs, with stock management and minimum quantity warnings.

Media Asset Management

Order in the blink of an eye: Efficient media asset management offers quick access to up-to-date content. With individual rights, personalized watch lists and fast distribution, it ensures smooth processes. Users can find their templates easily and receive them immediately, even for CI adaptations.

Content Delivery

Consistency is everything: We take care of the right content at the right time in all channels. Export data with one click for consistent information across all platforms. Automated playout and adaptation to different channels saves time and ensures identical information everywhere.

Campaign machine

Activation instead of just advertising: Our tool simplifies decentralized campaign planning and activates sales partners effortlessly. From new model launches to regional offers – everything can be easily planned, controlled and evaluated. Simple participation management, automated individualization of advertising material and flexible participation until revoked.

Social Media Ads

Ads and posts – combined for all platforms: Our solution makes it possible to serve various social networks with a single click. From Facebook and Instagram to Google and LinkedIn – paid and owned media. Select channels and formats and use automated customization and playout.

Socoto - Showcase - Areas of application
Socoto - Showcase - Areas of application


Tailor-made content, played out quickly: Our platform offers direct individualization and booking of media content. We provide media data for all daily newspapers and advertising papers, with group or individual discounts. Scalable templates cover common newspaper formats, while CI conformity is maintained with every scaling.

Printed matter

Perfection in the blink of an eye: Our printing service covers everything from business stationery to sports hall banners. Easy customization is at the heart of all templates. Our customers decide on approvals and download options. Images and texts from the product database are integrated automatically, and the link to “My data” enables offers to be adapted quickly.


Effortless brochure design and distribution thanks to simple and individual content creation, intuitive operation and granular booking. With over 11,000 booking units, local member magazines and cartographic representation of the distribution areas. Our automatic price optimization takes brochure weights and combinations into account.

Mailing & Newsletter

Personal and direct: Our direct marketing offers modular templates for customized newsletters and mailings, both analog and digital. Simple customization and address selection quickly lead to automated playout via e-mail or dispatch via lettershop. Automatic integration of account-specific elements and direct connection with target group-relevant address data. Upload and editing of local address files possible.

Individual, fast and effective: our digital editor enables personalized content for every mailing. Segmented modules ensure that the approach is tailored to each recipient. Connection to CRM systems, trackable advertising material and GDPR-compliant workflow guarantee efficiency and data protection. Integrated mailing system or connection to customer system included.


Sound presence: Regional radio spots are effective thanks to individual audio content and targeted playout. In-store radio spots and telephone waiting loops are also customizable. Users choose from optional customization elements and local booking packages. Automatic invoicing simplifies the process.


Focus on emotions: moving images at the PoS attract attention. Our solution enables individual playlists and spot adaptations for every location, even within a store. Flexible templates also contain unchangeable content, such as introductions. Group playlists are customizable and different playlists can be delivered depending on the time of day.

Online banner

Simple online marketing without the stress: local digital campaigns are now child’s play to book. Parameters such as target group and budget set the framework, while digital packages define the display locations. Placements are determined by point/circumference or zip codes, with automatic placement quantity per website based on display set parameters.

Digital brochure

Incentives to buy straight to your cell phone: our digital brochure makes it easy to browse for offers and price changes. Retail partners create their own individual brochure for delivery to apps or websites, playable according to socio-demographic or contextual targeting. Booking as a print edition is also possible.

Socoto - Showcase - Areas of application

Identify potential, localize and target customers

Geomarketing thrives on precise data and analyses “on demand”. Opportunities and risks of strategic decisions can be realistically assessed, alternatively calculated and visualized with geomarketing in many areas. Use this information to get in touch with the right target groups!

Socoto - Showcase - Areas of application


The distribution area of an advertising medium is displayed on a map. The search for advertising media is based on radius, zip code or interests. After booking, the system visualizes optimized distribution and playout areas as well as locations in regional map sections.

Target group management

We use a simple traffic light system to show the market potential in the selected distribution area. Socio-demographic data such as net household income, age and marital status can be taken into account, as can urban planning data, e.g. the settlement structure. You can also integrate your own data to obtain an even more precise target group analysis that matches the products or offers.

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    Completeness, flexibility and individual discounting

    Our media planning takes into account all media, including specific local publications such as club member magazines, to ensure comprehensive local communication. Individual and location-dependent discounts as well as discount scales are integrated as soon as they are available.

    If costs change between planning and booking, we adjust them accordingly. The media planning tool can be used independently and, alongside the marketing management tool, is one of the most popular stand-alone systems, especially for media agencies.

    Socoto - Showcase - Areas of application

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