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17. January 2017 10:59 Uhr

Good googled: extend your marketing campaigns online

Online advertising is increasingly all about directing customers into the local store business. If the prospective buyer searches for a roof box for his car, for example, a car dealer near him is ideally placed with a corresponding offer. This is a highly effective means to reach target groups, but can often only be realized through complex and time-consuming management of the relevant advertising activities. In order to provide the local sales partners with uncomplicated access to Google Ads, the socoto Marketing Management System is now able to easily and quickly extend campaigns from classic media, such as brochures and advertisements, to various Google Ad formats.

10. January 2017 11:48 Uhr

Everything at a glance: the socoto dashboard

Are the current activities consistent with my monthly or annual planning? Are campaigns decentralized and optimized in terms of time? Are there urgent actions today, which I should take care of? The socoto dashboard is fully customizable, letting you decide which information is most important and summarized daily, at a glance.