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Flexible socoto module for targeting new customers and retargeting

Display advertising today is much more than a collection of large, flashing overlays in the header or sidebar area of websites. Over the last 25 years, this form of advertising has evolved considerably and is defending its leading position in the online marketing orchestra with new formats and variations. The socoto module “Banner advertising” plays on this notes and allows other marketing instruments to play along.

Addressing new customers on the web and prompting them to interact by clicking was the goal of online advertising banners more than two decades ago. But the way in which display ads draw attention to companies and products has changed. The trend of using moving images in marketing has brought animated skyscrapers and rectangles to the fore, and high-resolution video sequences today often trump the classic text-image format. But above all, one thing has changed: Online banners are no longer only displayed on websites. They have also long been found in the numerous apps that people download onto their smartphones, on all social media channels and in public spaces.

Use created content multiple times

We at socoto think bigger about display advertising and set up our software so that once the advertising message has been defined and created in the corporate CI, it can be customised with just a few clicks and played out on all desired channels. With our “Banner Advertising” module, the still popular and highly versatile advertising form of display advertising is easy to implement: The Group defines the advertising content and identifies the appropriate target groups. It offers various formats and puts together the packages for playout, which can also vary in the number of channels. The retailers make their choice of product and banner format on their marketing portal, enter their individual data and decide on the booking package that suits their budget. This means that all players can easily use the once created content multiple times.

Our recommendation: If you want to play out banners today, you should not think in terms of channels, but focus on the content. Because only eye-catching content leads to perception in the target group and thus paves the way for a maximally successful campaign.

We leave the eye-catching creation of your advertising message to your agency. We make sure that your display advertising for promotions and product offers reaches the region.

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