Print or digital media? That is not the question!

socoto - Print or digital media? That is not the question!

Automated multiple use of content

Digitalisation is a competitive factor, also in the field of marketing and communication.

The increase in advertising budgets for digital channels and the critical eye with which marketing professionals are currently looking at print media clearly indicates the direction. How important are print media still? Should they be dispensed completely in future and only rely on digital media? Discussions in professional circles revolve around this question. But it is actually not very helpful. In a digitalised marketing world, the focus should rather be on how content can be automated and reused.

Many marketing managers in retail companies are planning to significantly reduce the use of print brochures in future and utilise the freed-up budget for digital measures. The focus here is particularly on digital brochures, newsletters and social media. At the same time, printed media will continue to play a role in addressing customers, as the Prospectus Monitor 2023 by IFH Media Analytics shows that customer journeys often crisscross through various channels and devices. According to this study, brochures remain very popular, particularly for everyday consumer goods, whether in print or digital form.

What could be more obvious than to focus on automated content? Ultimately, the focus today is to serve segmented marketing fields that are analogue and digital, brand-appropriate and at the same time customised to the needs of local customers. It would be a great advantage to only have to create content once and then be able to use it multiple times for different channels. If you focus on this point, you might be able to untangle the knot that the discussion about analogue or digital advertising measures has become entangled in. Because there are solutions that make both possible – without additional effort for the advertiser.

Data pool for digital flyers and print brochures

Let’s stay with the brochure: print inserts are still indispensable nowadays. We designed our socoto tool so that they can be compiled and customised with just a few clicks. But of course, we have also set up our marketing management system in such a way that the data pool once created can also be reused: texts, prices and photos from a campaign can also be used for a digital brochure, and you are not even tied to page-turning PDFs. The content is taken directly from the print brochure: for example, the layout of the product elements, the special price display options and all legally required information. Customisation, including a link to the dealer’s website, is carried out in the usual layout, similar to the print version. This can also contain a QR code as a link to the dealer’s website, which is automatically generated from the link in the digital version.

Of course, we thought even further and connected other advertising measures: just a few clicks away, social media posts, newsletters or landing pages are waiting to be filled with the available images, data or even animated elements to suit the respective target group. Our approach is to think in hybrid terms and create appropriate options that make marketing life easier. After all, it is important to offer people a broad repertoire of information and communication options.

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