Retailer-specific, high-quality print products via socoto

Uniquely uniform

Have you ever held a high-quality, glossy customer magazine in your hand that can easily compete with all Vogues or GQs and asked yourself: How can single retail outlets publish such high-quality magazines? On paper - individual, location-specific print products with unique content and guaranteed adherence to Brand CI guidelines - it's not really economically feasible. That is, unless you have been a bit clever and utilised an automation solution in the background to reduce costs and simplify processes in such a way that they can also be used by non-professionals.

A customer magazine, for several different Outlets, with different focuses and location-related content - this was exactly the challenge Porsche faced with its (approximately) 100 Porsche Centres in Germany. But instead of commissioning several local agencies to each create an individual magazine, which then each have to be individually approved by the head office, they chose to integrate the workflow into their Marketing Management System, resulting in one process for creating multiple individual, high-quality customer magazines for each location.

socoto offers all the tools required for the creation of customer magazines via streamlined, standardised processes, with the highest possible degree of automation. With defined, uniform page layouts and suggested editorial topics - as well as modular individualisation options - the Marketing Management system components form the basis for quality, cost-effective customer magazine production at scale. Content generated via fulfillment partners or AI complements the offer, while automated processes for production, finishing and distribution can also be integrated to further streamline the workflow, eliminating sources of error and improving network coordination.

Clever, isn't it? If you have any questions about the production of high-quality, individualised print products, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


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