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socoto- Individualized and high-quality print products for retailers with socoto

Unique yet standardized

Have you ever held a high-quality glossy customer magazine that can easily compete with Vogue or Falstaff? Have you ever wondered how a single branch can publish such a magazine? Let’s be honest, creating customised print products for each location with location-specific content and guaranteed compliance with CI guidelines is not economically feasible. Unless you have a solution in the background that automates and simplifies many things, making them accessible to non-experts, you need to be smarter than others.

Customer magazine for Porsche

Porsche faced the challenge of producing individual customer magazines for its approximately 100 Porsche Centres in Germany, each with different focuses and location-specific content. To avoid commissioning multiple agencies with individual magazines that require individual approval from the head office, a system has been implemented to produce a high-quality customer magazine for each location while maintaining a consistent process.

socoto has developed a tool for creating customer magazines that defines all processes with a high degree of automation. A standardized page layout, modular system for editorial topics and layouts, and maximum individualization form the basis for good and economical customer magazines. Content generated with the help of fulfillment partners or AI complements the offering. Automated processes for completion, finishing, and distribution are crucial for streamlining processes and eliminating sources of error and lack of coordination. 

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