11th Marketing Management Day in Cologne

Well-proven practices and visions

“25 years of Marketing Automation: socoto yesterday – today – tomorrow”, this was the motto under which the socoto community came together this year to exchange ideas at the 11th Marketing Management Day. With a view to socoto’s anniversary year, it was of course also about what has been driving us for 25 years: our visions.

When socoto customers and those who want to become socoto customers meet once a year, there is a lot on the agenda: different customer challenges are explained and individual socoto solutions are presented. This year, there were five exciting best-practice presentations that particularly caught the attention of our prospective customers.

Local marketing – growth levers for brands

To start the day, Kim Weinand, specialist in Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing, spoke about practical strategies for success in local marketing. In his keynote speech, he used examples such as Google reviews, call tracking and personalised newsletters to highlight the importance of transparency, automation and personalisation for local communication.

Extending a national campaign at the PoS

Ida Sefer from Tank und Rast used the recent Pentecost campaign to explain how national campaigns can be extended if products are still available at the point of sale. Corresponding socoto templates, which the service stations could use to generate their advertising material, made it possible to continue the campaign individually.

Digitalisation in the trade

Oliver Range, board member of Gärtner von Eden, impressively highlighted the fact that our marketing management systems are also suitable for advancing the digitalisation of the trade. The “Marketingbox” portal supports the approximately 50 member companies of the cooperative in customising, booking and automatically distributing CI-compliant, professionally designed marketing materials. This solution is unique in the gardening and landscaping sector.

Automated WKZ and bonus system

How can a WKZ (sales promotion) and bonus system be installed for dealers that is transparent, simple, activating and measurable? Triumph Motorrad Deutschland approached socoto with this question and objective some time ago. Oliver Willand, Director Marketing & Public Relations, explained in his keynote speech how these goals could be achieved through a customised socoto portal. The result: a WKZ and bonus system linked to the existing marketing portal, which simplifies and clearly displays both the request and submission of invoices.

Marketing PoS advertising space

“Together, we bring people, sport and brands together,” is how Richard Galanjuk, Retail Marketing Manager at INTERSPORT Marketing Services, summed up the retail group’s resource management. At the presentation of the space allocation plan, he emphasised the importance of ease of use. Only then would retailers be able to integrate the regular and complete maintenance of their touchpoints into their everyday work. The planned go-live in late summer will herald a new era for IMS and drive forward the efficient marketing of advertising space.

Clearly presenting complex marketing plans

socoto has implemented numerous retailer requests in the very complex New Shop Format Marketing Plan for INTERSPORT, which has ensured a high level of retailer satisfaction after the launch. This was emphasised by Jannik Gairing, Marketing Manager at INTERSPORT Deutschland. The Shop Format Concept, which offers stores exclusive conditions and marketing services, includes individual marketing plans for around 150 participants to date – with a clear and up-to-date presentation of all costs, timings and individual budgets. The cumbersome Excel plans are now a thing of the past.

Innovative spirit for 25 years

This year, we can look back on 25 years of Marketing Automation. Our wealth of experience is immense, our innovative spirit tireless. Our current new developments as well as our visions for the next generation of our socoto MMS, which our Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Gründer introduced, are evidence of this: KISS, KIBI and KIMM are abbreviations for three AI-controlled solutions that we are currently working on and very close to the needs of our customers, which is always very important to us.

This is exactly why we attach great importance to the annual exchange at the Marketing Management Day: intensive conversations in a relaxed atmosphere, this inspires and shows new paths for us, our customers and prospective customers..

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