Print newsletter customized in no time at all

Print newsletter customized in no time at all

How the “Gardeners of Eden” advertise in their catchment areas

Those who sell quality also attach great importance to premium advertising. What for some are expensive brand ambassadors or elaborate video clips, are for others a high-quality print newsletter that is visually and haptically convincing. This is the case with the “Gardeners of Eden”: The cooperatively organised top garden designers address their target groups with a customer magazine that catches the eye – which appears in up to 50 different versions, matching the respective member company. Until now, the production of customised layouts was very time-consuming. Now the Gardening and Landscaping (GaLaBau) companies can create their own individual version themselves in no time.

Making garden dreams come true, at a very high level is the business concept of the “Gardeners of Eden”. The 50 or so member businesses are among the top garden designers in Germany, Austria and in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The organisation places great emphasis on quality and style. In their biannual print newsletter, they share their knowledge about plants and devote themselves to special planning topics including giving on garden maintenance tips. The eight-page newsletter is characterised by large-format, inspiring images. Because of its proximity to the customer: each business receives its own version of GardenNews (GartenNews), customised as standard with logo, portrait picture and signature in the editorial as well as contact details and social media icons. Furthermore, each company can choose from various motifs for the design of the front page and from a pool of ready-made theme pages for the centre section. For the back page, there are also various modules for further individualisation. These can be adverts for the trainee search or your own texts and images for personal customer contact. Sounds like a complex production process, doesn’t it? It used to be because a graphic designer had to create each individual version by hand. Which often required lengthy coordination and approval processes. 

Your own version with just a few clicks

We have now set up this analogue wokflow digitally for “Gardeners of Eden” with our socoto module “Printed material”. This means that every Gardening and Landscaping company can compile its own newsletter with just a few clicks: he simply drags the desired motif into the cover image of the basic version, decides whether he wants to inform his customers in detail about topics such as swimming ponds, privacy screens or a variety of perennials or would prefer to use the standard mix of topics, composes the centre section accordingly and, if desired, creates an individual back page with his own texts and images. This saves graphic costs and significantly shortens processes: ordering, checking and approval are all done in a single step. The gardening expert then uses our tool to book production as well as in-house delivery or dispatch via lettershop. He can also upload his own customer addresses into the system. By the way, it is also possible to upload the customer magazine to your own website, soon even as a page-turning PDF.

It goes without saying that we actively support the 50 craft businesses: with training, instructions and a hotline. We ensure that they always get the best out of the tool for their local customer approach. Cost-saving and fast, so they can get back to their main business: creating beautiful gardens.

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