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Efficient integration of QR codes into print media

While QR codes on flyers or brochures can add value for consumers, reduce the media gap between analogue and digital advertising, and increase customer interaction, the effort involved in adding them may be too great. It is not always immediately clear whether the QR code leads to the correct page, and extensive quality control is often necessary, which can add more hours to the project. However, if QR codes are set automatically and no generation or sorting is required, both additional hours and sources of error can be eliminated.

The New Year’s Eve flyer would not be complete without QR codes for the New Year’s Eve rocket product videos. Companies need to know how many people respond to offers on a printed flyer. In today’s digital world, print advertising remains a crucial channel for companies to effectively convey their message. However, it is even more effective when the print advertisement is extended into the digital realm using a QR code. As the use of QR codes has become commonplace among consumers, retailers can now offer a new level of interactivity and customer experience.

However, there is one issue with QR codes – they all tend to look alike. When producing brochures, this implies that codes must not only be generated using a QR code generator but also saved in a manner that allows for direct assignment to a specific page. Unfortunately, this is where a significant source of error lies. Under time pressure, it is common to work less thoroughly, resulting in code mix-ups.

Automation for seamless integration

As we are enthusiastic about automating processes and eliminating sources of error, we have taken on this task. When creating a flyer or brochure via socoto, not only are the retailer-specific offers included, but each marketing portal user can also choose which offer a QR code should provide further information for. The layout already specifies where the QR code should be integrated, so the user does not have to search for a suitable place. The generation of a QR code is automated by the system, so the user does not need to create one. Only the target address needs to be inserted, regardless of whether it is a product video on YouTube, an online shopping site, or a landing page for a competition.

socoto’s integration of QR codes on flyers makes it easy for retailers to enhance their brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty. socoto enables a smooth transition from print advertising to the digital realm, providing customers with added value beyond what traditional flyers can offer. Additionally, socoto’s automated code generation minimises errors and simplifies the process for retailers.

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