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No cause for concern

When you hear the term ‘dynamic, legally compliant texts’, do you envision yourself meticulously checking every detail with lists? Our customers certainly don’t, because we automate the customization and assignment process. Whether it’s fuel consumption data in the automotive sector, ingredients in the food sector, or visual representations in the area of energy efficiency for technical devices, errors are eliminated here.

Legally compliant texts are ubiquitous in adverts, product descriptions, and individual offers. Although often considered a necessary evil, errors in these texts can result in costly consequences, including warnings. If the text includes dynamic information, such as consumption data, it is crucial to check it meticulously. This task requires extreme concentration and is prone to errors. However, there is an easier way to do it.

Legally compliant text made easy

At socoto, we have developed a solution that links databases, calculation formulas, and advertising media or playout channels to ensure the correct result always appears. We cater to a range of industries, from car dealers configuring customised offers to system caterers putting together counter offers, and kitchen stores providing energy labels for their technical appliances.

We can generate not only text from components but also icons and visual representations, such as those required for the Nutri-Score of food or energy efficiency classes for houses or household appliances.

Our smart solution ensures legal certainty and is configured in line with corporate identity guidelines, adapting to the desired layout. This provides our customers and their agencies with more time and freedom for creative activities.

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