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25 years of socoto

Implementing CI-compliant brand communication across many different media has been our declared goal for 25 years. Back then, when the company was founded, the main focus was on professionalising retail marketing: moving away from complex, sluggish and error-prone processes towards more digitalisation and automation. We started in 1999 under the name MediaCare and created a digital platform for designing and booking adverts.

At that time, the Internet was still in its early days and nobody was talking about cloud-based solutions. Our first customer was a renowned car manufacturer that was able to use our software to support its dealer companies with their marketing tasks.

A quarter of a century has passed since this initial spark and we can look back on years full of ideas – ideas about how digitalisation in marketing can look like so that both corporations and dealer companies can benefit from it. Making processes suitable for everyday use, offering simple handling and promoting brand awareness at the same time are goals that have not changed to this day. The paths we take are always new: We keep pace with developments in the media landscape, in user behaviour or in legislation. We always work very closely alongside our customers. And above all, we lead the way! This is how we help shape the digital future.

Customised portals for more than 50 brand companies

We have developed customised portals for more than 50 renowned brands that make marketing planning, budgeting, subsidising, realising regional advertising and reporting easy. . Our modular system inspires a large number of automotive brands as well as brands from the do-it-yourself sector, the travel, banking and insurance industries. Whether international corporations or SMEs – we always configure an individual, customised, adaptable system that can be operated without any marketing expertise at all.

Today, we are a team of around 100 people who often accompany our customers for many years. Our marketing management systems are highly customisable and so are our teams for which we are particularly proud! First-class customer advice and expert support have been part of our service portfolio from the very beginning. And as we have seen over the last few decades, our customers appreciate this in particular.

Clear goals for the future

We have clear goals for the future: “We will continue to invest in AI-supported solutions and work on innovations and new application models for the national and international market,” says Managing Director Dr Bernhard Gründer. Of course, we always orientate ourselves to the wishes of our customers. For example, there is currently great demand for our clever marketing planning module.

But we wouldn’t be socoto if we didn’t also keep an eye on developments in many other marketing field and offer helpful tools to match. Our resource planning tool is for example ideal for use in the retail media sector: With this efficient platform, companies can manage their inventories very easily and clearly and offer their suppliers target group-specific advertising at the POS.

Always being a step ahead is our motto. And we have been successful with it for 25 years.

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