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socoto Marketing Management Systems

The socoto principle

Lighten your marketing

One platform, for everyone; Centralized marketing made easy - for any organization. socoto's Marketing Management systems streamline multi-party communications and our comprehensive, modular tools facilitate the effective and unified management and execution of network marketing activities. Whether on a regional, national or international scale, socoto supports the integrated and CI-compliant production of digital and analogue marketing materials, efficient networking of campaign activities and the end-to-end coordination of marketing planning, implementation and management operations.

Our Mission

One system, many possibilities

Consistent and professional brand management, across borders, communication channels and sales outlets; Transparent, CI-compliant and up-to-date marketing.
This is our mission at socoto and our Marketing Management Systems have been helping organizations achieve this since 1999.

The modularity of our systems offers a large degree of flexibility, with a range of solutions to suit your organization's unique requirements - from the classic support of local sales partners via customizable advertising materials, to international planning and campaign fulfilment, or simply an effective solution for PoS item distribution - each of our platforms represents a highly individualized tool-set, designed around each of our client's specific priorities.

Local Brand strength

Individual and CI-compliant

The balancing act between a strong brand identity and its consistent reflection via local sales outlets is a common challenge for companies with large networks of distribution partners.

On one hand, decentralized communication solutions should be highly individualized and embody each brand partner's message in their local environment.
On the other, branding must conform to the overarching communications guidelines of the organization.

socoto's marketing management systems offer the tools and solutions for maintaining the right balance, at minimal effort.

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Marketing process

Simple. Efficient. Effective.

Digitization of communications, an ever-expanding marketing mix and increasingly niche target groups with diverse consumption habits provide demanding conditions for marketers and present unique brand management challenges, specifically for companies with large sales partner networks.

The risks and opportunities arising from digital transformation provide impetus for fast-paced, IT-driven marketing management solutions which can facilitate the efficient implementation of effective marketing strategies.

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socoto offers a wide range of modules for the realization of classic and digital advertising. Each customer can combine their own individual portfolio of communication tools and provide access for their decentralized sales partners.



Unlock your planning, budgeting and performance measurement potential; regardless of the number of players or the complexity of the workflows, socoto provides transparent, real-time provision of relevant information.



socoto Geomarketing solutions allow simple execution of customer targeting via diverse communication channels, across multiple regions