Flexible and individual.

Many lines of business use the socoto Marketing Management System and each has its own priorities, which are reflected in a variety of system performance expectations.
Our aim is not to build isolated solutions for individual partners, but to implement requirements in a logical and granular way that leads to universally applicable instruments that are suitable for everyday use and are therefore highly relevant for a broad range of users.


The portfolio of modern brand communication.

socoto's solutions are characterized by the combination of modules that have proven themselves in practice, their customer-specific configuration, the definition of workflows, the integration of a wide variety of fulfillment partners - from agencies to lettershops - and the harmonious integration into internal company processes and IT solutions.

As a result, no two portals are alike, all of them are highly individualized and set a wide variety of priorities; from classic support for the local sales partner with a wide variety of advertising materials, to international planning and fulfillment scenarios in which the focus is purely on numbers, to campaign-based participation management or effort-minimized PoS supply.


complexity and legal certainty.

Companies from the automotive industry have been our customers from the very beginning and rely both nationally and internationally on complex solutions ranging from marketing planning, budgeting and subsidies to the concrete implementation of cross-media advertising strategies in the local environment.

In international use, the planning and budgeting tools of the socoto portfolio are particularly valued. Workflows with the highest transparency, speed and flexibility offer up-to-the-minute insight even into complex issues. A good example for high reaction speed are budget adjustments in case of changed sales and marketing scenarios during the course of the year across many budget pots and players. Up-to-date reporting and the socoto dashboard provide insight into current events at any time.

The main focus of the implementation of local dealer advertising in the automotive sector, on the other hand, lies in the high offer-related and legal complexity of the advertising media. Depending on the offer and motorization, a multitude of legal components have to be considered, from information on financing or leasing to the advertised model with corresponding emission values. The focus here is on simple handling and legal certainty for the local dealer. If, for example, the dealer changes an engine in an offer, the appropriate emission values appear fully automatically, which is currently realized either via direct data transfer or importing via CO² lists.

And to keep life simple, individualized offers are already stored in the dealer account. They are now available at any time for cross-media use in a wide variety of advertising materials.

Insurance and Finance

Strong brands with strong sales partners.

Insurance companies live the balancing act between a strong brand and the personality of the local sales partner. The solutions for advertising materials should be highly individual and depict the local brand partner in all its facets, while at the same time ensuring exemplary communication of the brand on site. All of this must be achieved with as little work as possible for the sales partner.

Banks and health insurance companies, on the other hand, tend to rely on a strong brand, but the individual customer approach on site should still be guaranteed and run along legally impeccable lines.

What they all have in common is the simple, time-saving CI-compliant design of individual advertising materials with up-to-date content at the right time, with whatever degree of freedom is required.

In order to design an advertising material in a highly individual and yet time-saving way, socoto My Data helps. From here, called up advertising media are filled fully automatically with many individual elements of the local player, which limit manual individualization to a minimum. From the marketing address and opening hours in info flyers, to partner logos in ads, to consultant photos or signatures in mailings or newsletters, a wide variety of solutions can be implemented. This saves time and enables an optimal local advertising presence at any time within the framework of the central CI.

A wide range of scenarios are possible, from pure individualization and booking to rounding off the daily doing with a wide variety of planning and budgeting scenarios or further service solutions.


Speed and individuality.

Retail has its own rules. Fast Moving requires the highest temporal relevance of communication content and places high demands on the local equipment of the PoS and the precise information of customers about current offers. Here, socoto offers solutions for fast response times and detailed coordination across many players.

The socoto participation management, for example, enables retail companies to have a clear annual planning, highly individual brochure distribution for the individual sales partner and the corresponding production and distribution management. All planning takes place on one platform and sending Excel files is a thing of the past. Convenient geotargeting across many players - directly in the socoto system - ensures target group-specific and budget-efficient targeting.

Complex cross-linking, for example for the simultaneous equipping of the PoS, the use of POS and sales data in planning scenarios or the parallel triggering of purchasing processes offer room for a variety of solutions.

The efficient implementation of point-of-sale marketing across the entire portfolio of classic and digital communication media is another focus of successful retail advertising. This is a very complex topic, as both different campaigns and sales channels as well as the individual structural and assortment-related orientation of each location must be taken into account.

The starting points are transparent flexible annual planning and the simple provision and maintenance of individual location profiles for the automated campaign-based packaging of PoS packages.

All relevant data and processes are bundled in the socoto marketing portal. All adjustments during the course of the year are imported into the running workflows without media discontinuity and fully automated and have a direct impact on downstream processes. Another plus point is the ability to customize the communication media by the local sales partner.

Transparent workflows and a high degree of automation accelerate the update process, reduce sources of error to a minimum, and enable a high degree of customization with minimal effort.