Marketing Management Systems

socoto's marketing management systems drive and manage the successful planning and implementation of regionally conducted marketing activities in national or international brand companies. Centrally maintained and widely accessible, they are the linchpin for all teams, assets, workflows, information and reporting, maintaining transparent processes and effective support across any orgainzational hierarchy.


Modular and flexible.

The modularity of the socoto Marketing Management System and solutions suite offers a wide range of options, which can be tailored according to your specific operational requirements. As a result, no two systems are the same, designed to be highly individual and meeting different priorities; From supporting local sales partners with customizable advertising campaign materials to conducting international planning or PoS fulfillment - socoto's systems and solutions are built according to your needs.

The Marketing Process

Simple. Efficient. Successful.

Both via Classic and Digital Marketing, increasingly segmented target groups and a plethora of communication channels and media approaches set challenging conditions and present great obstacles for brand companies.

The risks arising from digital transformation increase the relevance of IT-driven marketing management solutions, as opportunities for the efficient implementation of modern-day marketing strategies.

socoto's marketing portals are purposefully designed to facilitate simple and reliable execution of multi-channel marketing activities:

  • Lean processes through automation

  • Integration of all teams and functions of central brand management (including external agencies, etc.)

  • High level of transparency and real-time control at every step of the process

  • Easy management and implementation of marketing activities in campaign cycles

  • Performance visualization and anaylsis, enabling realization of market potential

  • Simplify advertising decisions for regional users

  • Ensure target-audience relevance across communication channels and content

  • Increase efficiency of advertising spending

  • Flexible adaptation options for individualized marketing

  • Optimize lead-times for local sales partners


Software as a service.

Our system is the core of our marketing optimization solutions; This is where the basics of efficient deployment tools for all marketing teams are accessed.

You can expect:

  • CI-compliant and user-friendly interfaces

  • Modular design and customer-specific configuration options

  • Individual workflows, to fit your requirements

  • Flexible integration of system users and fullfillment partners through rights-&-roles based access options

  • Harmonious networking within your existing system landscape (SSO, third-party interfaces, etc.)

  • International application via multilingual options for the user interface, content and order documents

  • Provision of up-to-date media data (in applicable countries / regions)

  • Intelligent content management through custom-built CMS Tools

  • Development and hosting, based in Germany

  • 24/7 Access

  • Sustainability through...

    • Automatic participation in general system updates

    • A high degree of innovation and a market-relevant portfolio

    • A large and engaged user community


The home of Marketing.

Every socoto marketing portal is custom built and and designed with each client's individual Corporate Identity (CI) and visual brand language. As the central hub of our systems, it welcomes the users to a unique suite of marketing tools and offers individually tailored options and content for different types of users.

News can be presented at a glance and relevant topics can be visualized according to your priorities, e.g. for new campaigns or sales rounds, products, news, planning / budget statuses or even advertising subsidies.

Intelligent search and filter options guarantee quick and easy navigation, while the high degree of content flexibility facilitates versatile possibilities for selectively driving specific marketing actions and ensuring the success of current campaigns.

The Portal homepage content can be managed ad-hoc by customers or via in-house socoto support, allowing real-time updates and optimal content relevance.


The leading tools of Marketing Management.

Planning, budgeting and performance measurement form the basis of successful brand policy, but the execution of complex planning workflow requirements and transparent provision of relevant, up-to-date information often pose significant organizational challenges.

socoto's management modules ensure that all data is handled centrally, with planning and budgeting information available clearly and in real-time.

The management modules are also directly integrated within our communications modules - so you have complete information on demand - enabling versatile analysis and control options.


The modern brand communications portfolio.

socoto has a varied tool suite, with modules for the realization of all classic and digital forms of advertising. Each customer can combine their own individual portfolio of tools and link their marketing materials, assets, plans or actionable, cross-media advertising content for use throughout their wider user network, according to function or relevance.

Centrally managed, regionally deployed.

Regardless of channel, medium or output, the process is essentially the same: Standardized advertising media, made available via central marketing teams, can be adapted, localized and ordered by decentralized marketing teams - at regional, national or local levels - to meet local requirements or book directly with local media publishers.

socoto's tools offer local customization while ensuring reliable compliance with content specifications, legal restrictions and corporate design.

Convenient optional features, such as final HQ approval steps or the automatic import of content from product databases, allow high degrees of efficiency and control.

The integration of our communication modules with our marketing planning toolkit further optimizes transparent, real-time information management at all levels.


Communicate with the right people.

socoto provides integrated cartographic representation of advertising and display areas directly via the booking modules to the integration of target group and market potential analyzes in the planning and implementation process.

Media Planning

Planning for many.

The socoto media plan enables systematic economic media planning processes for a large number of distribution partners or locations, thus ensuring efficient budgeting.

The media plan takes into account a diverse media portfolio - from the weekly newspaper and the daily paper to the local radio station. Extensive brochure distributions can hereby also be controlled in a targeted manner and with minimal expenditure of time.

As an ideal planning tool for the media department of large brand companies or media agencies, it ensures optimum support for regional sales partners with target group-specific media or distribution proposals.

Originally the tool for the planning of advertising papers was developed under the name ADVERTIZOR together with the BVDA.

How it works

You select a product or service for which you want to place an offer. You describe the corresponding target group, define the target areas of your sales partners and start the media planning.

The target group is identified in the defined rooms and related to the available advertising material. The intersection results in the appropriate media suggestions, which are either used for central booking or for the individual use of your distribution partners directly as a media suggestion in their socoto accounts are recorded. Here it no longer matters whether they are planning for 30 or 3,000 sales partners.

This will reduce your time and investment to a minimum and ensure optimal budgeting for many small budgets.