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Media planning without Excel - hundreds of hours of monkey work saved!

Kennen Sie das auch? Ellenlange Excellisten, am besten noch mit mehreren Datenblättern für die diversen Kanäle und Vertriebspartner und dies nicht nur bei einer Kampagne, sondern für alle, die Sie im Laufe des Jahres planen und verwalten? Darin sind...
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Excel in marketing planning - better without!

Once again the Excel sheet with the marketing plan is shot to pieces, tables with several sales partners cannot be integrated, cross-references with relevant data have been deleted and the master plan has not been up-to-date for a long time!...
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Three to dos for maximizing ROI in emailing marketing

Sometimes the return on investment is simply the measure of all things. It's good to be able to fall back on a marketing measure that, thanks to its low costs and high efficiency, addresses precisely this issue: email marketing is known as the...
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Major Release - ALWAYS free of charge for clients

Your company continues to develop, but your marketing management system does not, at least not free of charge? Not with socoto - we guarantee all our customers that our further developments - patches via minor to major releases - will be available to...
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AI-based target group identification

Germany's leading marketing data provider and we have developed AI-supported models that allow us to identify target groups clearly and unambiguously and thus set a specific touchpoint in the customer journey with advertising materials that are...
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socoto convinces Audi Japan with expertise and future viability

Audi Japan was looking for support with some automation processes and directly got a very broad system, but at the same time so fine and individually configurable that it perfectly resolves the complexity of multi-layered trade marketing processes.
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One (print) template - umpteen individual possibilities

Individuality – that’s what we can do - especially in the design of printed matter. But to ensure that no one loses the overview of the many possibilities during the design process, our print templates are modular and can therefore be customized at...
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Power BI: intelligent data management

Who likes to transfer their highly sensitive data to an external analysis system? On the other hand, who can make good decisions without a complete collection of data? We believe: nobody! That's why our solution is called working with Power BI, for...
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Billboard advertising in Switzerland - now in easy

People say about Switzerland that things are sometimes a bit more complicated here - with regard to the people, we can't confirm that, but in the case of poster bookings it was definitely like that. That's why we once checked the booking of...
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TUI performes better by automating refund workflows

Let's face it, advertising is expensive and often overtaxes the budget of individual sales partners. To realize nevertheless successful selling partner campaigns, companies often support with advertising cost subsidies.
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The PORSCHE TIMES, – just as individual as your own car

An individual customer magazine for every Porsche Zentrum, high-quality and with location-specific content - this is a real challenge for sales partners, agencies and last but not least for the central marketing department...
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The benefits of process harmonization in trade marketing

Setting up a local campaign can be very tricky for people who don't spend their entire working day with marketing. Different advertising media with widely ranging impact and a whole bundle of booking options - who is supposed to be able to figure it...
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