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New budget selection in the booking process - efficient and manageable.

How many trade marketing campaigns are running suboptimal because the budget and WKZ of the local players are not being used optimally? Too many selection and combination options can overwhelm sales partners during the advertising material booking...
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Hyundai automates workflows in central and local newsletter dispatch

When campaign mailings from different hierarchical levels and user groups are played out and distributed both locally and nationally, there are various sources of error lurking in the process from creation to dispatch. Unless you do it like Hyundai...
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Automated ad adaptation with the new socoto Adversizer

The campaign is rolled out, the ads are booked and all differ in column widths, aspect ratios and text lengths. Still no solution in sight? Even established software solutions for ad adaptation require several manually created source formats and...
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Collaborative project management in marketing with socoto

socoto brings together all marketing project participants in a virtual space and thus enables decentralized working. By structuring complex processes, budgeting options, validity, real-time communication and clear data management all marketing tasks...
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