Flexible and individual.

Many lines of business use the socoto Marketing Management System and each has its own priorities, which are reflected in a variety of system performance expectations.
Our aim is not to build isolated solutions for individual partners, but to implement requirements in a logical and granular way that leads to universally applicable instruments that are suitable for everyday use and are therefore highly relevant for a broad range of users.


Different requirements lead to different portal solutions.

The solutions of socoto are characterized by the combination of proven modules, their customer-specific configuration, definition of specific workflows, integration of various fulfillment partners and its embeding in the company's own processes and  IT environment

As a result our marketing portals are all highly individual and focus on a wide range of different areas; from classic support for the local sales partner with a wide variety of advertising media to international planning and fulfillment scenarios in which pure numbers are involved, campaign-based participation management with integrated media planning or the roll out of PoS campaigns with minimal effort.


Welcome to the socoto community.

The success of socoto has various reasons. Long-standing customer relationships and a versatile socoto community that promotes each other are a supporting element.  Steady growth in different industries always provides a breath of fresh air and dynamic development.

We are particularly proud of the trust placed in us by our long-standing customers, who appreciate the innovative power and reliability of our IT and services over many CI changes and strategy developments. 63% of our customers have been relying on our marketing expertise for over 5 years. For more than 10 years, we have been successfully supporting an astonishing 40% of our customers in the implementation of their dynamically developing marketing strategies.