Welcome to the socoto community.

The success of socoto has various reasons. Long-standing customer relationships and a versatile socoto community that promotes each other are a supporting element.  Steady growth in different industries always provides a breath of fresh air and dynamic development.

We are particularly proud of the trust placed in us by our long-standing customers, who appreciate the innovative power and reliability of our IT and services over many CI changes and strategy developments. 63% of our customers have been relying on our marketing expertise for over 5 years. For more than 10 years, we have been successfully supporting an astonishing 40% of our customers in the implementation of their dynamically developing marketing strategies.



socoto has been a technology partner of AOK Hessen since 2010. The decision to optimize processes using a marketing management system was as forward-looking as the positioning as a health insurance company.

From print products to advertisements, a wide variety of marketing materials are realized via the portal.

Basler Versicherungen


Since 2016, Basler Versicherungen has relied on socoto Management Systems to provide individual support for its sales partners, thus ensuring an excellent marketing presence in the regions.

With up-to-date advertising media ranging from classic advertisements to mailings, online displays or PoS-TV, an optimal supply of the local brand partner with up-to-date, customizable advertising media is guaranteed. The WKZ management supports the subsidisation of the versatile advertising activities with transparent workflows and daily updated insights.

Basler Versicherungen relies on the competent all-round support of socoto in order to guarantee individual advertising advice for their sales partners in the event of special enquiries.

BMW Group Schweiz


For 100 years, the BMW Group has been inspiring with its unique mobility experiences. BMW, Mini and BMW Motorrad also focus on sustainability and innovation in trade marketing and have been using socoto portals since 2016 to successfully manage the marketing activities of their trade partners.

From planning and budgeting to the individualization and implementation of cross-media customer approaches and the management of sales promotion centres, BMW Group Switzerland bundles its trade marketing processes transparently in a central location.

Not only the socoto technology optimized for multilingual use, but also the multilingual customer service from key account management to the customer hotline ensures the successful implementation of multilingual advertising activities.

BVDA - Bundesverband deutscher Anzeigenblätter


The BVDA has been using the socoto "Advertizor" since 2005 to ensure that brochures reach their target groups. The media planner developed jointly with the BVDA enables advertising agencies to plan target-group-specific inserts for a large number of local players in a minimum of time.

First, target areas are defined for the advertising campaign using socio-demographic criteria and GIS parameters. The next step is matching with the distribution areas of the regional media. The cartographic processing of the distribution areas also visually supports a high degree of planning transparency. Finally, automatic tariff optimization ensures efficient use of the budget.


Simply a lot it.

There's simply a lot in the Easy Apotheke marketing portal, too. Since 2016, the system headquarters has been providing around 114 pharmacies with up-to-date advertising materials.

Easy Apotheke relies on branding through a uniform appearance throughout Germany with sufficient individual scope for the local communication of its franchisees and uses the marketing software from socoto for this purpose. Customizable advertising materials from the marketing portal successfully complement the franchise strategy of the up-and-coming company. The success proves them right.  The franchise chain is already growing faster than the market and is dynamically continuing its expansion course.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA Group)


Companies with a large brand portfolio and a large number of multi-brand dealers in a wide variety of sales constellations pose special challenges for marketing management systems.

On the one hand, the retailer should have access to all relevant advertising media across all brands, on the other hand, brand-related planning and budget activities should be clearly separable from each other. No problem with socoto. Since 2010, 1,200 FCA Group dealers and after-sales partners in Germany and Austria have been working with a socoto multi-brand portal for the group brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Fiat Professional, Abarth, Jeep and Lancia.

Gärtner von Eden

Horticulture - Franchising.

As a premium brand for sophisticated garden design, Gärtner von Eden stands for individuality and quality in horticulture. Gärtner von Eden also places high demands on individual, high-quality communication with their current and future garden fans.

The "Marketing Box" has been supporting the innovative garden designers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2010 in local communication with their customers, from advertisements and mailings to print products and shop articles.

Group PSA Schweiz


Peugeot Switzerland has been one of the pioneers in our socoto community since 2003. One of the challenges was the trilingualism of Switzerland, which socoto had already established early on as a routine in the management of multilingual systems.

Their marketing portal "OnLion" offers different management and fulfillment tools. Budgeting and CVC as well as the individualization and implementation of different advertising media. An example of the harmonious implementation of multilingual individualization and distribution processes is the regularly published "Peugeot News".

Since 2017, the group brands Citroën and DS Automobiles have also been relying on trade marketing powered by socoto and implementing transparent marketing fulfillment from budget and WKZ planning to the implementation of cross-media, regionally controlled advertising campaigns in the print and online sectors.


Simply vacation.

ltur stands for the most wonderful time of the year and vacations from a single source. As the inventor of Last Minute, ltur not only offers travel lovers an all-round carefree package, but also numerous vacation offers from the parent company TUI. ltur makes vacations easy - for everyone who simply wants to go on vacation.

Strategic marketing planning from a single source is also offered here by the socoto marketing management system, which combines all marketing-relevant information on a single platform. With the socoto portal, ltur has a user-friendly handling system with which, since 2020, the various offers for communication and marketing can be individually controlled and implemented according to location.



Nissan is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world and their vehicles have been rolling on German roads since 1972. The Japanese car manufacturer has been relying on professional online-based trade marketing at an early stage and has been supporting its dealers since 2006 with the marketing portal "NOA" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

NOA solves high demands on topicality and individuality of local dealer communication by networking all players, budgets, assets and workflows at a central place. The marketing management platform ensures successful cross-media trade advertising through automated processes from planning and budget management to the generation and cross-media playout of individual campaign-relevant communication content on various classic and digital channels.

The icing on the cake: With the socoto geotarging tools Nissan ensures maximum efficiency in local media purchasing.


Retail Non Food.

OBI is the number one in the German DIY sector and manages the marketing activities of over 400 OBI stores in Europe with its "MPT" marketing management platform.

Core topics are annual campaign planning, market-side participation management and system-integrated media planning to control the market-specific distribution of brochures.

The system records whether and to what extent the stores participate in the annual campaigns, controls the media planning and booking of the brochure distributions and transfers further relevant information for campaign control across divisions.



The Porsche brand enjoys international cult status and its worldwide presence results not least from excellent brand communication.

The beginnings of the Porsche marketing portal "PAS" date back to 2004. In addition to the realisation of individual communication of the regional sales partners, Porsche marketing portals are characterised by their focus on marketing planning and fulfillment analysis. The main focus is on the daily updated and clear presentation of target and actual figures to evaluate marketing performance.

In addition, the international use of the system places special demands on language and content management. Language diversity is implemented from the individualization of advertising material templates to the management of interface or document languages.

Postbank Immobilien

Real Estate Agency.

Postbank Immobilien launched their socoto marketing portal in 2006. The portal, called “Werbebox” supports local real estate agents with a wide range of local advertising options, from neighborhood letters for farming campaigns in selected and attractive acquisition areas to versatile communication tools for property marketing.

The integration of the estate agents' real estate management system into the individualization process ensures user-relevant data transfer for individualized local advertising according to industry standards with minimal time expenditure.

An important option for long-term customers is the management of wide-ranging CI changes: The change of CI from BHW Immobilien to Postbank Immobilien was also carried out quickly and systematically in the marketing portal thanks to the intelligent separation of content and layout in socoto Content Management.



Technology to enjoy. This summarises the brand's core values and at the same time links its two chambers of the heart: Passion as well as outstanding technical competence.

The SEAT marketing portal is also about competence. Since 2013, SEAT has successfully implemented a socoto marketing platform to strengthen brand values, carry central campaigns efficiently into the region and at the same time guarantee SEAT dealers the highest level of individuality in addressing their customers.

Key issue was the harmonious interaction of planning, budgeting and WKZ management through to the realisation of a wide variety of advertising forms during the campaign period, which was successfully realised with the flexible portfolio of socoto.



The comb shell in the striking colours red and yellow stands worldwide for quality and is one of the most famous company logos. Beyond the logo, high-quality brand communication also has a long tradition at Shell.

Since 2017, Shell Germany has relied on software and services from socoto Marketing Management Systems to centrally control the complex marketing activities of Shell brand partners.

With Shell's marketing portal “Perfectpromo”, the Branded Reseller and Car Wash divisions cover a wide range of analogue and digital advertising activities. For example, the video module ensures that individual digital PoS communications - from image films to local car wash prices - are played out at Shell petrol stations in Germany and Austria.



From a bicycle manufacturer - founded in 1895 - ŠKODA developed into an automobile company with an extraordinary success story. In Germany ŠKODA operates with a dealer network of around 1.200 sales- and service-partners and in 2018  ŠKODA is by far the number one import brand in Germany for the tenth year in a row.

ŠKODA 2016 is setting up a new trade marketing platform with socoto technology to accelerate its digitisation course in trade marketing. ŠKODA uses a wide range of socoto modules from planning and budgeting to the realisation of versatile local advertising activities.



Since spring 2018, Suzuki partners have been using the Suzuki advertising portal to promote their models - from compact cars to all-wheel-drive models and hybrid vehicles. Just as Suzuki vehicles inspire in everyday life, the portal also convinces the more than 400 dealers with easy-to-use solutions in the area of advertisements, printed matter, store, MAM, large surfaces and online banners including ready-to-use packages and in the processing of advertising cost subsidies (WKZ). The Ready-to-Use packages enable retailers to participate in campaigns in an uncomplicated and automated manner while making the best possible use of their budgets and maximizing their advertising impact.

Techniker Krankenkasse

Health Insurance.

The 2019 health insurance fund test winner scores not only with high-quality service, but also with quality in marketing. Its marketing portal, the "TK VorlagenService", has been supporting the sales processes of the TK sales force since 2012.

The flexible combination of relevant modules for the realization of different advertising media from print products to advertisements was an important decision criterion, as was the configurability of the system within the framework of customer-specific requirements.

Special attention was paid to the integration of various workflows, such as the internal release of advertising materials and the direct connection to the in-house printing plant. Here, the technicians rely both on the diverse technical options of the software and on the professional interaction between the customer and the socoto team.



Toyota has been a customer right from the start and has been relying on marketing management with socoto since 2002. The successful carmaker's trade marketing platform lives from constant change and benefits from the innovative strength and sustainability of the socoto portfolio.

Nothing is impossible, the core message of Toyota also applies to the ongoing adaptation of the marketing portal to changing marketing strategies, the optimal accompaniment of CI changes or the flexible use of constantly changing communication channels. The portal's high degree of flexibility ensures that Toyota's trading partners in Germany and Austria always receive optimum support within the framework of their regional advertising activities.


Travel Company.

For more than 45 years, Germany's leading tour operator has been creating extraordinary travel experiences for its customers. Vacation from a single source - from inspiration to on-site service, a mission that also inspires the TUI marketing portal.

Since 2010, TUI's marketing headquarter has been offering a convincing communication portfolio for the three Group brands TUI Reisecenter, First Reisebüro and Hapag-Lloyd Reisebüro in one place. The travel agencies benefit from daily updated advertising templates and a high degree of flexibility in the adaptation of content - from simple import and individualisation of desired travel offers to the integration of tour operator logos.

With the further development of the portal, TUI is systematically implementing the digitalisation of communications for its local sales partners. From Google and Facebook ads to online banners and instagram stories, the travel agencies are realizing versatile communication for digital touchpoints.


A well-rounded thing.

Over 450 branches with 2,500 employees in the branch and franchise network - that's Vergölst GmbH, the retail chain for tire and car service. Its focus: tire retail and tire service for cars and trucks. 

According to a GfK study, brand awareness is over 60 percent. In order to coordinate and evaluate the advertising activities of its branches, Vergölst uses the marketing portal to customize digital and analog ads, posters, newsletters, and personalized mailings, as well as the associated reporting.



"Volkswagen Marketing Portal", the term under which Volkswagen has been using socoto's marketing management software since 2011 to control its dealer marketing activities, clearly communicates the Group's comprehensive approach.

The portal impresses with its holistic mapping of management and communication workflows, ideal networking in the Volkswagen-IT landscape and professional mapping of the value chain from planning to implementation of classic and digital communication in local marketing.

For a large number of sales partners, the portal is the daily entry to individual advertising, while invisibly in the background, a large number of automated workflows impressively ensure the best communication results.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Thinking mobility bigger.

The independent brand of the parent company Volkswagen develops, builds and sells light commercial vehicles for private and business customers worldwide - from family vans to mobile workshops to police vehicles. Thinking mobility further and making it cleaner, smarter and more sustainable is what drives the brand and makes it successful.

Since 2018, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been using the Marketing Management System - powered by socoto. All important marketing processes can be efficiently designed and individually adapted with it: whether customizable ads, printed materials or online banners. Brand-appropriate and user-friendly, location-based and individual, the advertising material creation and media booking is tailored to the participating trade - from small service businesses to large authorized dealers.


Made by Sweden.

Volvo has been successfully building automobiles since 1927. To this day, the combination between safety and stability, innovation and design is a guarantee for expressive and powerful means of transportation.

The Volvo Mediamaster has been the linchpin of successful trade advertising since 2003. Here too, the combination between reliability and innovative strength plays a major role in the long-term use of a marketing management system.

The high flexibility of the socoto portfolio ensures the dynamic further development of the Volvo marketing portal and thus guarantees maximum topicality at all times in the context of changing market requirements.

Volvo relies on the flexibility of the socoto portfolio to ensure the dynamic further development of the Volvo Mediamaster in the context of changing market requirements at all times.