Simple, secure, transparent - Advertising Subsidies

More local advertising thanks to automated budget processing

When combining local marketing measures with region-wide campaigns, the result is maximum attention, coupled with advertising focus that can lead to the next sales partner. But how do you orchestrate a campaign on a cross-regional level and how can you manage it? With Advertising Subsidies! Subsidies are an effective means of giving local trade and distribution partners incentives to place more CI-compatible, local advertising to complement your regional or national campaigns. But what about the complexities and associated effort of handling different budgets and the coordination of each outlet’s activities? socoto has the solution!

Our Advertising Subsidy module has been tried and tested for years and is constantly being enhanced and adapted according to market trends and the respective needs of our clients.

Approval processes: automated and clearly defined

By means of an intelligent upload function, all relevant documents and details are clearly organised and available in one place - no more searching for that postal invoice or long-forgotten email attachment! Clearly defined criteria and processes with automated status communications are transparent and traceable at all times for everyone involved. This enables simple and resource-saving control of submitted advertising documents and allows automated release processes for maximum efficiency.

Budgets: ideal utilisation

Many sales partners have multiple advertising budgets - and sometimes even several different budgets for individual locations and channels. The administration of each individual budgets is automated via socoto’s Marketing Management System, making management easy, including finding the best possible utilisation options. This means that individual retail partners automatically get the maximum benefits for their spending, without having to recalculate and "push" for specific areas. Partner satisfaction is also ensured by the prompt reimbursement of costs through the automated transfer of approved activities, via interfaces with customer-internal accounting systems such as SAP.

Real-time overviews: clearly laid out and individually created for groups or dealers

An automated solution helps create transparency and provides an overview of the use of promotional allowances. By monitoring and logging all grants in real time, the company gets a better overview of its marketing expenses and can, in turn, plan them more effectively. This applies to the individual sales partners and outlets as much as to the regional levels and group HQ. Meanwhile, individual users can decide whether they would like to have evaluations displayed as raw data or presented graphically via dynamic charts and tables. This not only helps with the individual analysis of data, but results can also be integrated directly into separate presentations.

Audit-proof documentation: secure and legally compliant

Compliance with record-keeping obligations, forgery-proof documentation of all process steps, monitoring of compliance rules - all this happens automatically, so that even after 10 years everything can still be traced and viewed in retrospect. All without chasing anyone for previous files and documentation.

In this way, our Advertising Subsidy module saves time, ensures an up-to-date overview for all those involved and saves resources by automatically mapping all actions and subsidy-relevant activities in one place, combined with transparent and fast release workflows.


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