TUI performs better by automating refund workflows

Let's face it, advertising is expensive and often overtaxes the budget of individual sales partners. To realize nevertheless successful selling partner campaigns, companies often support with advertising cost subsidies. The advantage: By providing a financial incentive, brands can strengthen the campaign participation and increase in this way the advertising pressure on site.

Everything´s perfect - yes, if it weren't the troublesome ways of accounting and auditing. TUI Deutschland avoids this hassle and makes progress in process automation - with the help of the socoto refund module, adapted to its customer-specific requirements.

In the best case, advertising cost subsidies are a win-win situation: For sales partners, they are a safe and rewarding opportunity to improve their marketing budget, while retail companies can increase the advertising pressure - locally and on selected campaigns. The catch: The workflows from the CI-compliant design of advertising material to its release, submission of the request and approval of the grant are, if handled manually, tedious, lengthy and full of potential sources of error.  Besides, it is not always easy - even for sales partners - to keep track of where and how much subsidy is available for which campaign. 

TUI Deutschland has solved this very effectively and asked socoto to adapt and configure the existing refund tool, which was mainly used by motorists in the past, to their own specific needs. In this way, TUI Deutschland has taken another big step towards digitalization and strengthened its sales department.

The audit status is transparently displayed for all parties involved at any time and the final transfer to the financial system takes place automatically.  Sales partners can submit both invoices and receipts digitally, saving time for everyone. On the other hand, the central marketing department has an overview of all partners' advertising activities and can quickly and efficiently evaluate campaigns and make adjustments if necessary.  Thanks to automation with socoto, advertising budgets are now better utilized and this with the best performance results.


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