Analogue or digital - first impressions last.

Touch-points and advertising media combinations are always evolving; sometimes it's the analogue handout that is declared dead, other times digital service disruption highlights cause for concern. Advertising media are subject to trends and experts constantly debate what will remain, what will prevail and whether digital or analogue comes out on top. While following the discussion, our main focus at socoto is to drive the customer journey for our clients - with as little effort, cost and margin for error as possible.

Effective advertising and communication tools must be forward-thinking, always have that certain something extra to stand out from the crowd and offer real added value. That's why at socoto we have long since given up thinking in categories such as analogue or digital - we ask ourselves the question: How can we extend communications or advertising media and design them in ways that complement our customers' marketing activity? Here are three practical examples:

QR Code Business Cards

A must for business events: the Business Card. Your trade partners have long been able to customise and order them directly via socoto’s Marketing Management system, but did you know that it is just as easy to integrate a QR code on a Business Card? Our system takes the data for the QR code directly from our contact database, digitally enhancing the Business Card and streamlining the customer journey. In this way, we bridge the gap between analogue and digital, combining two means of communication in one.

Appointment handling without detours

Instead of waiting for customers to manually enter appointments in their calendar, your sales partners can create, send, share or publish ICS appointments to prompt engagement and welcome more end consumers in their salesrooms. Simply write a newsletter, set an ICS date and the open day, preview or promotion timing is directly shared to the customer's calendar. As a bonus, you can even add a reminder function.

Offers: a real page-turner

Sifting through weekly brochure offers then shopping for the best deals is a ritual for many consumers. While those more averse to printed brochures often specify "no advertising" on their mailboxes. With socoto you can reach them all! Our channel-spanning tools offer flexible output options, meaning you need only design a brochure or flyer ONCE, then choose your communication method. With time-saving versatility in mind, our Marketing Management System can deliver materials to printers or post offices, just as easily to websites or apps. Added flexibility translates to reduced costs and offers multiple paths to reach your target audience.

What else do we do and how we can accelerate your customer journey? - our Key Account Team will be happy to provide more details.


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