Ways of cross-media media production using the example of NISSAN

socoto marketing portals realise comprehensive planning and communication scenarios in the trade marketing of large brand companies, such as the NOA portal for the NISSAN automobile group since 2006. The flexible handling of the socoto marketing management system supports the entrepreneurial independence of the trade partners and strengthens the regionally individualised communication measures. After all, who knows their clientele better than the local dealer? Target group-specific content in all advertising media - also at the PoS and on the screen - is the goal that the group and the retailer pursue together.

Flexible offers
The broadcast loops can be adapted in the marketing portal by the sales partner to individual requirements and the local target group. The structure of a broadcast loop follows clear rules. NISSAN determines where, for example, an image film, new and used car offers or other local services can be placed.
There are elements that must be used in any case and those that are subject to variable use. Some elements have fixed content, while others - for example leasing or cash price offers - can be individualised within the framework of the NISSAN CD. The result is always a highly individualised customer approach that takes into account the circumstances of different locations or playgrounds and is easy to update.

Cross-media content
Embedding broadcast loop individualisation in NOA's advertising media portfolio has great advantages. Offers that have already been created are stored in the system and can be reused across all media at any time. This saves time, reduces sources of error and gives the dealer the chance to place his offer in as many places as possible for the prospective customer to see. For example, if the dealer has compiled a financing offer for an advertisement, he can also use this with just one click for the individual customer approach in PoS TV.

Maximum legal certainty
For automotive dealers, the legal security of content plays a major role in the entire communication portfolio when creating and using individual content.
NOA powered by socoto ensures both the fully automatic import of fuel consumption and CO2 values into an individualised offer as well as the secure compliance with image usage rights, avoids costly errors and ensures - from the classic advertisement to PoS-TV - maximum legal security in daily customer communication.


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