socoto Video generates and automates moving image content for sales partners

socoto Video generates and automates moving image content for sales partners

Moving images is an important component in content marketing. It does not require highly specialized experts to generate videos for individual retailers and to play this content out in the appropriate channels. With the help of the socoto Video module from the socoto marketing management system, every sales partner can generate individual moving image content for his location thanks to a high degree of automation - fast, uncomplicated and absolutely professional.

Moving images are fascinating, are eye-catching and offer the opportunity to present products and offers in a high-quality and emotional way. Awareness and involvement can be increased even more if the content is tailored to the individual location. But this can only be achieved with comparatively great effort - or with socoto video. 

The socoto video module convinces with intelligent workflows and perfect communication with other socoto modules. Integrated databases and harmonious networking with existing system landscapes such as SSO and customer-specific interfaces minimize the workload. Thus, socoto Video offers several possibilities to generate individual films: Individual spots can be filled automatically or individually from templates with sales partner-related content such as offer price, address, service telephone number or additional landing pages. The sales partner can combine the result with further video sequences provided in the system to form a playlist. The sales partner decides on the extent of the moving image content and can change sequences within video loops, always precisely tailored to the customer and in conformity with the CI. The playout and, most importantly, the adaptation of the individual spots to the various formats and channels is automated. Whether on YouTube, on their own website, in social media channels or as an advertisement on other sites on the Internet - socoto Video plays the content channel-specific. 

When playing out the moving image content in the PoS area, socoto Video scores convinces with a specially developed digital distribution application which makes it possible to control each PoS screen in groups or individually and to update the content to the minute. For example, screens in the service area can show different content than those in the waiting or reception area. To prevent the in-house WIFI from being excessively strained, the transmission of the content is carried out at defined times of low Internet usage and automatically transmits it to the socoto video stick which stores and plays out all current content locally.


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