Increase sales in retail through Facebook advertising on Audience Network - don't give away potential!

Location, brand, target group are different for each location, but at the same time trade advertising must be compliant to create a consistent brand image. One-fits-all simply does not work. Differentiated trade advertising does not have to be complicated: Facebook with its Audience Network offers a solution here that makes it possible to play out messages according to specific characteristics in such a way that you only address receptive, potential customers.

What triggers the consumer? How can the customer journey be managed so that the transaction takes place in a specific shop? How can retailers increase their visibility? One clue is provided by a study that took a closer look at consumers' search queries on the web. And these could hardly have been clearer: For consumers, products and services are more relevant in search queries than concrete brands: 58 percent of all local search queries have no brand reference. In concrete terms: if you need new tyres, you don't search for Michelin, Dunlop or Pirelli at first, you enter "winter tyres + location" in the search mask.

What can be deduced from this for dealers and their locations? Consumers on the net are receptive to solutions in their geographical proximity, in their hood. Retailers and retail locations must therefore offer their individual offers and services.

This can be done easily and cost-efficiently without large scattering losses with social media ads from Facebook and Co. Currently, there is hardly any other paid advertising option that makes it possible to target messages to such specific characteristics. In addition to Facebook, advertisers can also place ads on Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the Audience Network. The Audience Network allows advertisers to play Facebook campaigns on thousands of other websites and apps. It is a kind of display advertising platform, similar to Google AdSense.

For the management of ads, target group sources and pages, Facebook has created a completely independent user interface over the years: The Facebook Business Manager. On the one hand, it offers endless possibilities, on the other hand, there is now even the profession of social media manager. Those who enjoy it and are not afraid to analyse figures more closely can become successful and happy with the Facebook Business Manager. It is easier and also in line with CI with a marketing management platform that enables individual sales partners to play out Facebook ads from the system without having to demonstrate online marketing skills. At socoto we offer our customers that dealers with individual offers can not only offer them in flyers and brochures, on the homepage or at the PoS, but can also place them with one click as an ad on Facebook and the Network. Yes, even the Google Display Network can be accessed via socoto. The settings for targeting the target group, both geographically and socio-demographically, are automated on the basis of relevant KPIs, as is the budgeting recommendation. And best of all: the evaluation flows automatically into the dashboard of each individual retailer. There is no more uncomplicated way to lead your customer journey to success.


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