socoto cartography optimizes the effectiveness of advertising spending

Local sales partners have a clear idea of their regional catchment area. When booking local media - whether advertisements, large-scale space or Google AdWords - it is important for them that these have an effect precisely in their desired environment.

However, it is often difficult for them to assess in which area which medium has its effect or which combinations optimally cover the desired catchment area. Gut decisions often lead to misjudgements with moderate advertising success.

In order to ensure optimal media bookings for a large number of sales partners without incurring horrendous costs for media consulting, socoto relies on the visualisation of advertising and playout areas in the local catchment area of the location through socoto cartography.

If the socoto user books an advertising medium, he is first shown a zoomable interactive map with his personal sales partner location. In his sales area - either freely selectable by him or recommended by the group - he can now go in search of the right media partners.

By mouseover, the distribution or playout areas of the individual advertising media providers become visible in colour and can thus be easily selected. In addition, depending on the advertising medium, further intelligent selection tools are available to the user to finalise his booking. Finetuning is possible at any time afterwards by adding or deselecting media partners, playout areas or locations.

socoto cartography can do even more and can be expanded at any time with valuable information to significantly increase the efficiency of advertising spendings. This also includes the display of competitor locations, the signalling of target group relevance or market potential in the target area.

For all its versatility, socoto cartography remains simple to handle on a daily basis and always leads to optimal results without great effort.



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