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Whether an adventurous single or travel-loving family – everyone’s dream vacation is searchable online. But it’s not always easy to find. On the high-reach social network, Facebook, which currently has 31 million active users in Germany, TUI Retail aims to connect users with their next travel plans. Adding socoto's FacebookAds module to their SoCo-Marketingportal, with its digital advertising materials, TUI Retail is setting the first touchpoint in the Customer Journey to guide potential customers to their local travel agency.

With the addition of a the FacebookAds module, TUI Retail offers local travel agencies a comprehensive portfolio of localised advertising materials, clearly arranged and easy to handle on a central platform, making it simple to plan and execute effective campaigns.

"With the introduction of online banners and Google AdWords, we now offer a quick and easy entry into the social media world through Facebook packages. The travel agencies book with minimal effort and simple customization options. A perfect all-round package, from selection to performance optimization and performance measurement," says Tanja Buddenbohm, Online Marketing's own sales force.

The USP of Facebook campaign management through the SoCo-Marketingportal lies in the simplicity and handling; both absolute beginners as well as experienced professionals alike can easily optimise campaign performance. In practice, this translates to just four clicks to success.

How does it work? The users first select their desired campaign and landing page, defines the start and end points of the campaign, then assigns an advertising budget – where they can select the from three specified packages – and lastly defines the regional area via the socoto-cartography tool, everything else is taken care of automatically by the system.

The approved CI-compliant content, demographic, sociological and even contextual targeting, adaptation of daytime delivery of the advertising media and the constant cost-per-click optimization – is all managed via the system. Continuous optimization of the delivery, in the ratio of budget and duration, is fully automated during the booked playout period. This provides optimal results for both small and large budgets.

In addition, the advertiser also receives a clear summary of their campaign's performance metrics, like access statistics and clickthrough rate, providing complete transparency.



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