No fear of structural changes

No fear of structural changes

socoto offers support - example automotive industry

In the dynamic world of car retail, companies face major challenges: They have to plan and realise advertising campaigns that both contribute to the brand and promote local sales. Fortunately, they can rely on socoto! Our software offers connected dealers a wide range of prepared advertising materials for all vehicle models. At the same time, our marketing management system allows national sales actions with fixed prices by the manufacturer's bank incorporating the addresses of local dealers. We are therefore ideally prepared for the switch by some car manufacturers to the agency model.

When a structural change is announced, everything is quickly turned upside down. Many things need to be considered and planned, and the consequences for individual stakeholders need to be analysed in detail. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a restructuring: Dealers are becoming agents who broker vehicle sales and no longer invoice them themselves. It is clear that this means that marketing must also be realigned, as national sales campaigns will increase rapidly in this sector. But how does this affect the local advertising impact? We have this on our radar: socoto is ideally prepared to organise national campaigns with fixed prices in a way that all connected dealers or later agencies can be integrated into the campaigns.

Working together for success

We have just installed the corresponding features in socoto MMS for one of our long-standing customers in the automotive sector. Local dealers can now connect to all national campaigns and use them to reach their own target groups. The dealer's address is automatically inserted into the selected advertising media and the booking route is already defined. Thanks to the filters, the dealer can quickly select the desired vehicle model to attract the attention of potential buyers on site. As always, our system has clear structures and promises simple handling which helps to activate local trade.

Our all-in-one solution allows groups to create all advertising material for the coming quarter and prepare it for retail for example by defining the individual advertising areas and packages. The socoto software takes into account the manufacturer's national requirements as well as the individual needs of local dealers and allows seamless collaboration. This sets the course for successful and future-orientated marketing.

Are you also facing operational restructuring? Are you restructuring your company or your group? Then get in touch with us! We will develop a customised marketing solution for you.


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