socoto video automates dealer-specific digital concepts

The production of individualised video sequences and their playout on the web, on OOH screens or even on defined hardware at the point of sale is the task of socoto Video.moving images attract a high level of attention from potential customers. All the more so when the greatest possible target group relevance can be generated through individualisation for local use. socoto Video offers a wide range of options to realise individual digital content for a large number of sales partners. Scenarios range from the generation of video sequences for websites and social media to merchant specific commercials for YouTube and innovative information and interaction scenarios at the local sales partner. The key is the high degree of automation of content generation and playout, and individual digital content can be realized in different ways. One variant is the automated filling of templates with sales partner-related content. A further option is the compilation of video sequences by the sales partner himself, who makes decisions on scope and content at defined points and thus quickly and easily finalizes an individual digital advertising medium. The results can now be used in a wide variety of locations to communicate with the target group, such as digital signage in retail. Digital content, which can be played out on defined screens on site and updated to the minute, ensures that the customer address is highly topical and relevant. This includes screens in reception and waiting areas, advertising space in the showroom or info screens in the service area. In complex scenarios with a large number of sales partners, several thousand playout locations with the most varied broadcast loops quickly come together. socoto Video scores here with intelligent workflows and establishes the connection between the marketing portal and the local playout locations via the specially developed digital distribution application. The video sequences generated in socoto video, equipped with relevant information on the receiver hardware, are automatically transmitted and played out via the socoto video stick located on the device - with only minimal load on the sales partner's Internet connection. If new content is available when changing campaigns and offers, it is updated quickly and easily in the same way.


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