database publishing - price list management made easy

In corporations with a wide variety of products, markets and responsible persons, the management of complex information material, such as price lists, is a coordination-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone business case. Know how: Companies automate their data and layout management with socoto. A clear separation of content and layout is the basis for smooth processes in the database-based implementation of classic and digital advertising media. On the one hand, there are complex data sets that are centrally recorded and updated in databases or PIM systems. The system recognises which user accesses a template and automatically fills it with the appropriate data, from the required language and market-specific prices to country-specific legal texts. If data records are changed or added to the database, these updates are immediately visible in the layout - after an automated approval workflow - and advertising material already stored in the archive is also checked by the system for the validity of content. Outdated or invalid information is now a thing of the past, and changes to templates can be implemented just as quickly and easily. The separation of content and layout means that only a fraction of previous templates are managed and can be adapted to current requirements in the shortest possible time. socoto enables the price lists generated in this way to be used in a wide range of applications. This includes the realization of print products as well as the supply of defined digital touch points. In this way socoto ensures maximum topicality and data security of complex contents in cross-media use for all those involved.


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