socoto Content Management Day: Above the rooftops of Cologne

For the fourth time, the socoto content community met in Cologne for knowledge transfer and exchange. With the Content Management Day, the globally sought-after provider of marketing management systems supports cooperating agencies in making maximum use of the available system power in their day-to-day business when implementing regional advertising campaigns.

Above the rooftops of Cologne, on the 30th floor of the Cologne Tower, Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Gründer took the opportunity to give valuable insights into the strategic options of system use and spoke in the first part of the day seminar about the optimisation of campaign rollouts for agency customers: from planning and implementation with a large number of sales partners to the target-oriented evaluation of all marketing activities. Furthermore, there were exciting insights into new features and modules such as the socoto dashboard or the socoto newsletter.

Guido Müller, Head of Content Management, dived deep into the practical side of things with the participants. Comprehensive topics were dealt with, such as the significance of the element matrix with extensive effects on the campaign setup. But also detailed questions were clarified: from setting text shadows in elements to innovations in content management in the area of newsletters.

During the breaks and in the final get-together, the content experts took the opportunity to network extensively over Kölsch beer and finger food and to clarify the last open questions.


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