Putting an end to paperwork - smart solutions for the advertising subsidy issue

A variety of trade marketing campaigns increase visibility. But it remains just as important to control the sometimes highly individualised marketing measures in a targeted manner without losing track of individual costs, positions and pots. In short: the tiresome topic of advertising cost subsidies, closely followed by the topic of audit security - who doesn't know it? The time-consuming checking of documents and invoices for correctness and eligibility for the various marketing campaigns costs time above all. In most cases, it is not always clear which of the available budgets fits the retailer's needs. Let alone how much budget he actually has available for his activities. But does it have to be that way?

The way out of this, in order to be able to work digitally and really sustainably, is an intelligent marketing management system with which the numerous advertising subsidy workflows can be optimised and the individual trade activities clearly and transparently documented. Ultimately, this is the only way to ensure audit compliance and to contain the flood of paper that often still accumulates due to uncertainty. After all, documents that must be retained must be available in their original, unchanged and undetachable form, without gaps at any time, and must be machine-readable. But when paper documents are disposed of after scanning, this demands the utmost care from an IT-supported back office. In most cases, therefore, both the print version and the digital version are kept. But what is the point of it all, one wonders.

The (audit)-secure solution to relieve all those involved in the topic of advertising subsidy, including the time-consuming processes of checking applications and subsidising advertising material, lies in a modular marketing system that combines and decisively optimises these workflows by means of integrated automatisms. For example, the creation of promotion/subsidy elements for budget-relevant orders and bookings can be automated so that the approval processes are securely configured. The time-consuming verification of executed actions and the invoice verification are optimised and processed in a timely and transparent manner. This results in intelligent budget planning and management and timely reimbursement of costs, as the transfer of released activities to client-internal billing systems is automated. All parties involved thus retain a detailed and always up-to-date overview - also of the evaluation of the respective advertising activities.

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