Marketing retail space: It's that easy!

Efficient retail media platform for advertising space providers

Many locations, countless advertising opportunities for brands and no overview of the currently available spaces? Where is the tool that facilitates the management of site-owned media and drives their marketing? - We have it! Our clever minds have taken a close look at the requirements of the retail market and launched a new platform: socoto offers the first retail media management system in Europe that connects all company locations and provides marketers with lots of useful insights and clever features to impress marketers with customised advertising strategies.

Shop windows, escalators, lifts, changing rooms, shopping trolleys, even theft antennas at the exits - the list of advertising media in the retail market is long. Marketers looking for the best advertising spaces for their campaign ask themselves numerous questions in advance: Which shop windows are within the catchment area of the target group? Which promo areas offer enough space to place the products? In which stores is poster, floor or checkout zone advertising even possible during the campaign period? The Retail Media Platform from socoto offers plenty of answers to these questions: Retail companies with several shops have an overview of all their advertising spaces and campaigns with this tool, in real time.

All advertising media of the locations are precisely recorded in the central database, with space profiles, occupancy data, prices. But that's not all: we wouldn't be socoto if we hadn't also developed numerous insights and search functions with which advertising space marketers can offer their inventories even more effectively. This makes it easier to search for advertising media and spaces that precisely match the requirements, goals and target groups of the customers. Where does a special promotion - for example at Christmas, Mother's Day or the start of school - achieve the best effect on the target group? In the countryside? In the city? Which advertising media most effectively draw attention to the upcoming competition? Our platform provides information on free advertising space suitable for the measure, target group and, of course, budget.

It goes without saying that the interface of our retail media platform is user-friendly! And if there are any problems, we are there to help with service and support. After all, we want to take the rental of advertising space to a new level. This pays off for the good mood of the users - and ultimately, of course, for the refinancing of the advertising company.


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