René E. Beszon new Head of Product Management Division

René E. Beszon is the new Head of Product Management at the global software provider socoto Marketing Management Systems.

Since October 2018, the graduate mathematician and computer scientist has been in charge of socoto's Development, Products and Projects division and reports directly to Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Gründer.

With his many years of expertise as a software architect and product manager, René E. Beszon is responsible for both the development of the marketing management software and the operation of the SaaS solution within the framework of IT system technology.

"The cornerstone for the future viability and smooth operation of our software is agile development coupled with the smooth interaction of development, operations and quality assurance on the basis of DevOps," comments René E. Beszon on his new area of responsibility. "In this way, we achieve maximum quality and innovative strength for our socoto community.

The newly created position takes account of socoto's steady growth, strategically channels the future development of the marketing management software and implements it in the new mms 5.0.



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