Major Release - ALWAYS free of charge for clients

  • free of charge
  • never again outdated software
  • adapted to your needs

Keeping your software up to date costs a lot of money? Not for you, because with us the releases - whether large or small - are included in the usage price. While other providers of marketing management systems only design and write innovations for individual clients and only make them available to them, we handle this completely differently - according to the motto: All for one and one for all.

We develop our releases on the basis of individual client requirements, but make our new developments available to all our clients. This way, all our clients are always up to date in their marketing management system and benefit from the experience and requirements of other companies. This applies to the last major release of socoto mms 4 to mms 5 as well as to smaller minor releases and patches, in which we integrate new media channels, advance the automation of workflows or integrate additional interfaces to analysis tools, for example. And this always and guaranteed without additional costs. We see this as planning security and innovation dynamics.


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