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There is no guarantee for successful marketing campaigns?  Yes, there is! socoto's "Campaign Planning" module provides a platform on which all advertising media and touchpoints of a customer journey are stored and can be filtered across all categories - for individual, easily manageable strategic campaign planning. 

The campaign is planned by the marketing department, advertising materials are conceived, touchpoints in the customer journey are strategically determined - now the decentralized sales locations only have to individualize and book the advertising materials. And this "only" is exactly where the trouble begins. To often important touchpoints are not picked up and valuable deals are left behind.

In Campaigns many advertising options are available - from the classics like ads, direct mail and passers-by' stoppers to POS-related ones like store TV, pens and flyers and alternative options such as Facebook ads - this can make the individual lose track.

socoto has consequently created a cross-genre suggestion list for all advertising options and provided these with various filter opportunities.

Marketing departments visualise the individual advertising media for the dealer portal and provide them with attributes such as campaign affiliation, must-have or campaign and budget size. Now the individual dealer can display all the possibilities of a campaign, automatically receive recommendations, but also see what he has already implemented. With just a few clicks, he can individualise the advertising material and incorporate it directly into his individual merchant campaign. That way, every campaign is guaranteed to be a success!


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