Quantum leap in agile brand management

2019 is socoto year: We have two reasons to celebrate: 20 years of socoto and the implementation of our new socoto mms 5.0 - the future of marketing portal solutions.

socoto starts its anniversary year with the consistent reorientation of its marketing software. As early as November, the socoto community had its first insights into the beta version of the new socoto design.

In addition to the modularity of our portfolio, smart user interfaces and intelligent workflows are the number one success booster and are the focus of socoto mms 5.0. This way, we realize a solution-focused user experience for all players, from planning and budgeting to cross-channel provision and playout of relevant content to transparent determination of success. Customized modular solutions with unlimited expansion potential remain the core of our sustained success.

With mms 5.0, we are consistently expanding our leading position in the development of powerful marketing management systems - a quantum leap in agile brand management.

We are looking forward to our anniversary year!


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