The benefits of process harmonization in trade marketing

Setting up a local campaign can be very tricky for people who don't spend their entire working day with marketing. Different advertising media with widely ranging impact and a whole bundle of booking options - who is supposed to be able to figure it all out?

That's why working with a marketing management system is so convenient, because it combines two views of all this advertising media options. On the one hand, this is the illustration of media genre-specific features both in terms of the advertising media and the booking and allocation of the respective advertising medium, but also the specifications from the marketing perspective.

This is very important because individual advertising media only achieve the desired effect when embedded in a campaign. For all their technical and organizational differences, they have a lot in common. They address the same target group, transport the same core message as parts of a campaign and have the same appearance and perception period. Also important for the advertising retailer: they are subsidized in the same or a similar way.

Now we combine all these technical-organizational and marketing-relevant parameters and present them in such a way that the user recognizes the interrelationships and can thus quickly and easily plan, book and budget his own cross-channel campaigns for his local market.

The harmonization process also includes taking into account the parameters specific to each channel, which we combine and prepare so that offline and online advertising media can be optimally interlinked. For example, our mms merges the publication dates of booked daily newspaper editions with the duration of a Google AdWords campaign, supports geotargeting for billboards as well as Facebook ads and shows the available budgets.

Usability is also significantly influenced by process harmonization. We make procedures and processes for the individualization of advertising materials as identical as possible. Individualized data sets such as your own dealer offers or contact persons are stored centrally in order to be inserted into new advertising materials at any time. The final booking process is also set up in the same way on the mms, meaning that the user always goes through the same process steps when booking all the different advertising materials.

Such harmonized processes significantly improve the ability to plan and implement cross-media campaigns for local sales partners.


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