socoto simplifies brochure distribution through revolutionary media planning

Brochure distribution requires a multipart work: Content, target group, area of effect and booking units form a unit at best so that the advertising medium can achieve its maximum effect. But before the content can be used, media planning must be in the area of activity. In companies with a decentralized sales structure and different markets, media planning should also be coordinated so that overlaps in the area of activity are taken into account. 

Previously, media planning and data sovereignty lay with the company's respective media agency. This agency collected relevant data in time-consuming research. The problem: there are no standards for media data, let alone a database in which all providers can enter their data. Media agencies therefore had to develop their own solutions. 

socoto provides a remedy here and integrates the socoto Media Plan in its Marketing Management System with, among other things, a comprehensive database containing all media data and geographical and socio-demographic characteristics. socoto maintains these on a daily basis. The database makes socoto available to all customers and links it to other modules which have been booked, such as "Brochure Management". 

Media agencies can carry out planning for each individual location directly in the Marketing Management System. Here they can also select and fine-tune areas of activity, because the database works with the most granular booking units - depending on the media channel even down to street level. Automated data reconciliation avoids double occupancy at locations with overlapping areas of activity or - if desired - provides the corresponding dealer impressions with multiple addresses.

Automated processes take over the calculation of the required print runs per distribution area and brochure variant for the printing process, the booking of the distribution and provide information for the delivery of the brochures to a wide range of addresses - an immense simplification of daily coordination processes, especially for large publishing houses with many delivery points.


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