Power BI: intelligent data management

Only those who know all the facts can make good future-oriented decisions. Dashboards help to visualise the facts and make conspicuous features visible even to non-statisticians. The problem: a dashboard is only as good as the quality and quantity of the available data. So how can all the relevant data be brought together in one analysis tool? Data that is often not of the same quality, comes from different sources and often simply contains highly sensitive information? 

Until now, many decision-makers have entered this data manually into an external system - with a stomachache, knowing about the many possible sources of error in data transfer and security. 

We have taken on the dilemma and offer a interface to Power BI. It transforms data from disconnected sources into coherent, visually compelling and interactive insights. It doesn't matter if the data is an Excel spreadsheet or a hybrid collection of cloud-based and local data warehouse instances. With the use of Power BI, one can conveniently make connections between various data sources, visualise strategic points as well as share the results with the desired people. For the greatest possible level of security, user rights and roles are also clearly defined when using and distributing dashboards through Power BI. User-specific security tokens grant access only to authorised users.


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