The PORSCHE TIMES, – just as individual as your own car

An individual customer magazine for every Porsche Zentrum, high-quality and with location-specific content - this is a real challenge for sales partners, agencies and last but not least for the central marketing department. A major task for Porsche, as many of the nearly 90 Porsche Zentren work with their own agencies, which want to be briefed accordingly by the client and also must comply with the CI guidelines. Always keeping an overview and observing all requirements - all due respect! 

Since summer 2020, things have been easier with socoto. We have developed an automated process for the creation of customer magazines which regulates both the development from the first idea to the layout and the delivery on time as well as the coordination between the client and fulfilment partners. This accelerates the process and eliminates sources of error. 

The linchpin of this process is the definition of the page layout. The Porsche marketing centre determines which possible content is placed where, which topic is a must, and to what extent individual topics can be customized. But also possible variations of the page layout are stored in the system as a template.

The result for the sales partner is a clear modular system with fixed rules and the largest possible individualization options which he can fill via socoto – using the familiar socoto workflows. The individualization ranges from an individual sender address through the enrichment of stories with own statements to individual content such as local customer events. But don't worry, no one has to create the content themselves; at this point the sales partner only stores information which serves as a good briefing for the executing agency.

Once all information on the page layout has been specified, the agency automatically receives the order to finalize the content - fast, site-specific and CI-compliant. Now printing and shipping are only a few clicks to go. The sales partner defines the necessary parameters such as the number of copies and delivery addresses, then the processing is completed automatically by socoto. 

For agencies, sales partners and headquarters the era of superfluous and time-consuming coordination is finally over.


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