Perfect user interfaces for every PIM

Complicated becomes simple!

The database is actually super - perfectly maintained, all products are available including product photos and descriptions and validities are also stored. What more could you want? For example, a database that is also usable, where the search is really uncomplicated and the output is ordered and can be stored directly on your own server.

No, we still don't develop PIMS, but we are the experts when it comes to simplifying marketing life. And that is why we have developed an interface that is fun to work with.

In the course of our work we have seen quite a few PIMs, some comprehensive, some with a lot of keywording, some not always up to date and others so complicated that the search and filter functions go to pieces. But if the databases don't work properly, are difficult to use and employees avoid working with them, then all subsequent processes suffer as well.

We have therefore developed an interface that makes it possible to connect any conceivable PIM via an interface and make it usable in such a way that working with it is uncomplicated and simple. Would you like an example?

Our customer INTERSPORT Deutschland eG has a database with 150,000 models in 255,000 colour variants. All these models have various clippings (approx. 1.2 million in total) plus x image images and 450 brand logos of the sporting goods manufacturers. In addition, all models are fed with numerous pieces of information, from the long copy to various selling points and validity periods. So all in all, a somewhat more extensive database.

Together with Intersport, the filter criteria were defined as well as their combination possibilities. Now every Intersport member can easily find the desired articles, select the pictures that suit him or her and his or her purposes - including image pictures - and download them.

They then receive a neatly wrapped package: each model has its own folder, named after the article number. This contains: the selected images, plus the manufacturer's brand logo, but also a file with all the information. Sorted and ordered in this way, the member can either integrate the files himself in various advertising materials or on his own homepage, or pass them on to his agency in an orderly fashion.

And already we have made even the most complicated PIM usable for our customers.


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