New Emission Value Regulation - Minimizing Sources of Error

Errors in advertisements are not only annoying, but can also lead to high costs for the client, as in the case of incorrect emission value information in automobile advertising. The legal requirements are strict: every advertising medium - whether printed or online - must contain the emission values of the advertised model.

This is a complex topic that poses a great challenge to traders when manually entering the relevant data and harbours enormous potential for errors; a popular source of income for warning associations.

From September 2017, the directives on the declaration of emission values are to become even stricter. If additional special equipment is advertised that changes the consumption behaviour of the vehicle, for example by increasing its weight, this must be taken into account in the emissions data. While the range of emissions per model and engine was already large, the multitude of equipment combinations makes the complexity of the matter immeasurable.

The tightening of the guidelines poses a variety of challenges for the automotive industry, as each group prefers different workflows for updating and integrating emission values into advertising materials.

We are working with our customers on practical solutions to ensure that in every dealer advertisement, emission and consumption values are not only automatically imported into individualised advertising materials quickly and legally securely based on the selected model and engine, as was already possible in socoto, but that they are also directly adapted within the framework of the selection of different equipment.


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