Multi-brand retail marketing – simpier than ever

Multi-brand retail marketing, that means several brands with different marketing platforms and different retail locations. A big challenge for Marketing managers being faced with highly complex processes in terms of planning, budgeting and MDF-management. socoto simplifies multi-brand trade marketing and consolidates all marketing acitivities in one place, across all brands and locations.

Anyone who has to deal with the management of a large number of brands and locations in daily trade-marketing business is aware of this problem: different brands work on different marketing management systems. So marketing managers have to plan their retail activities on several platforms. For each individual brand and for each individual PoS they must log in on other platforms or accounts. Even cross-plattform-content, such as dealer assets, like master data, pictures, signatures and more must be individually adapted. The result: a lot of duplicated administrative effort and limited overview.

socoto offers multi-brand and multi-store retailers a solution for the consolidation of complex marketing activities on one platform. socoto connects various marketing management systems via interfaces and thus reduces the handling effort of the individual systems. 

With socoto Marketing managers plan their activities for all locations and brands with one master account, the operative implementation of marketing activities as well as the budget. In addition the dealers use it for uploading refund relevant documents for all locations and brands and assign them to the specific refund request.

The cross-system dashboard integrated in socoto provides the broadest possible overview with comprehensive summary reports. Regardless of whether actions are apllied for brands, locations or individual media channels: everything is clearly presented and can be quickly and efficiently evaluated using individual filter functions and current topics.


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