I love it, I want it, I need it - the new socoto "watch lists" module

I love it, I want it, I need it - the new socoto "watch lists" module

Sometimes it's the little things that make the big difference! Like socoto's new " watch lists" module, which makes parts of the work of local marketing managers a lot easier and saves a great deal of time. 

The principle of the watch list is familiar from online shopping: The user creates his or her list of favourites, can refer to it again at each session and order the memorised items from the list. This is also possible with socoto watch lists - and much more, as the following examples show:

Completely happy - memorised lists from companies for local trading partners.

In another use case, the head office compiles a watch list and automatically plays it into the accounts of the participating retailers, for example for an event in the store or for promotions. The watch lists can contain general shop items such as give-aways as well as digital and analogue advertisements or social media contributions - everything that makes a successful campaign out of a well-planned campaign. With one click, the watch list items land in the shopping basket in the right quantity and the person in charge on site does not have to worry about whether he has thought of everything and ordered enough. One less thing to worry about!

Same old story every day - routine orders are no longer necessary.

Some things are simply repetitive - such as the regular ordering of standard items. So why set yourself a reminder, double-check the desired items and their quantities, only to trigger another ordering process? It's easier than that - and it's automated! Simply place the order once, set the order frequency as a subscription and then never worry about it again.

Without detours - browse and find again

Just like when shopping on the Internet, you can also create a list of favourites in the socoto watch list with articles that catch your eye but should not be ordered at the moment. Instead of having to search again the next time you log in, simply open the watch list and order individual or all items directly from it - without having to take a diversion via the shopping basket.  But in contrast to the B2C online shop, in the socoto MMS several accounts can access these lists at the same time and so you can create a watch list together with your team members, because together you are better. This way shopping is fun!

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