Media planning without Excel - hundreds of hours of monkey work saved!

Does that sound familiar to you? Excel lists that go on for hours, preferably with several datasheets for the various channels and sales partners, and not just for one campaign, but for all the campaigns you plan and manage over the course of the year? Not only does it contain the media data and deadlines, but with this one spreadsheet, you also have to validate media, verify release processes, and audit ads. This means a lot of manual work, double-checking the data by hand, and the Excel list has to be adjusted and references re-established again and again. Hand on heart: Do you still keep track of everything, doesn't it annoy you immensely?

And yet a central place to which all team members can refer is important. Especially when there is not just one central marketing department, but many players with different roles and needs. Advertisers who want to push a local outlet need to find relevant data, such as media data of their local ad paper with occupancy units, but also information on the target group and buyer potential. Marketing centers, on the other hand, have to ensure by means of validated approval processes that the local advertiser can actually only use the current campaign motif, because often it is not just about plain CI but about legally compliant ads and thus avoiding expensive court cases. In summary: There is a lot of data and processes of different kinds that have to be harmonized and made usable for everyone.

Save yourself and your team hundreds of hours of monkey work thanks to the intelligent planning support of a marketing management system. Say goodbye to error-prone and time-consuming planning by means of Excel or a multitude of booking and administration tools and keep a constant overview. With a modular marketing management system, your stakeholders and sales partners can directly access the current plan version, control approvals, and manage campaign participation. It enables the planning of complex brochures and ad campaigns for all stored locations - efficiently and clearly.

Especially in combination with brand- and consumer insights, you can proactively and promptly adjust and redirect campaign targets and run highly effective campaigns even as a non-media planner thanks to well thought-out extras such as target group management, automated data adjustment, and process harmonization of digital and analog advertising media.

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