MAKE IT IN GERMANY - or right away in Rhineland-Palatinate

Living and working between the Rhine and the Moselle is particularly good - as we at socoto know from our own experience. Because Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the high-tech regions in Europe with above-average economic power and export strength.

Together with its family-friendly infrastructure, the first-class schools, universities and educational institutions, the beautiful cultural and natural landscapes as well as the great rivers Rhine and Moselle, Rhineland-Palatinate is a lovable and liveable state.

In the book series "European Business Locations", renowned authors and companies document the innovative strength of Rhineland-Palatinate as a business location. A portrait of socoto as a modern, medium-sized company in the Trier region is a must. More than two double-page spreads deal with cross-media advertising activities that can be independently controlled regionally by various partners with the help of web-based IT and service solutions.

From our side, a big thank you to those responsible at the German business publishing house for the extraordinarily good cooperation.


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