Intersport pushes digitalisation of its value chains in marketingMarketing

Since the end of 2018, Intersport - Germany's largest sports retail group - has been relying on the digital skills of socoto.

With the modular Marketing Management System, Intersport coordinates the planning and implementation of the marketing activities of 1,600 specialist sports shops.Planmedia is the name of the marketing management platform on which Intersport networks the players and data in local marketing and enables the smooth generation and implementation of individual local communication. The basic idea is an automated workflow along the value-added chain to harmonize a large number of individual steps: Planmedia maps the annual marketing plan of the Intersport Group and centrally controls the participation management in individual marketing campaigns. Each member has its own individual planning view and communicates directly campaign participation in individual activities, such as participation in supplement campaigns. socoto Mediaplan is responsible for the media placement of the campaign resulting from participation. An individual selection of media and media types is stored here for each member - from daily newspapers to direct distribution. If a medium is used more than once by the participants, these are automatically combined to form a joint dealer advertising campaign. The individual dealer impressions are generated for each booking unit and systematically transferred to the print service provider. The media bookings derived from participation management are used by the media agency for central insert booking. planmedia also supports the generation of individual content and its use in various advertising media. The focus is on the modular monthly brochure of the specialist sports shops. This consists of fixed, variable and customizable modules. In the customisable part, the retailer can integrate individual offers. Offer modules are made available in the system by the company's own PIM and can be used at defined points in the flexibly structured brochure layout with individual retailer prices. This bundling of processes results in an optimized workflow for all fulfillment participants. "The digital transformation offers Intersport exciting prospects. We see our opportunity in better networking of complex processes, central data management and perfectly coordinated communication with highly individualised content for our members and branches", says David Tews, Head of Marketing Intersport Deutschland eG.


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