Collaborative project management in marketing with socoto

socoto brings together all marketing project participants in a virtual space and thus enables decentralized working. By structuring complex processes, budgeting options, validity, real-time communication and clear data management all marketing tasks can be realized - from international marketing planning to decentralized location marketing.

Unclear filing structures, non-transparent mail traffic with different groups of people, an unnecessary flood of information, various tools such as calendars, Excel lists and cloud solutions with different security standards are a thing of the past with the Marketing Management System from socoto. The mms is the platform on which all topics and associated processes are clearly displayed. The integrated rights and role system allows that the mms to offer every user exactly the functionalities he needs for his work. Dashboards provide the necessary overview, while highly complex projects can be structured into sub-projects.

Marketing managers can use mms to clearly structure complex marketing plans into individual projects with different participants. Budgeting options including reservation and consumption data as well as schedules provide the necessary transparency. The filing system for project management is project-related and makes the data available to all project participants in real time. Editing and sharing documents in the system minimizes errors and ensures transparency. Changes in status trigger automatic notifications and thus drive the process forward. Comment and upload functions allow almost all communication around a project to be handled via the portal. Thus, agile working with a standardized workflow is possible at any time and, above all, anywhere.


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