socoto makes it possible: Content creation by decentralised project teams

Marketing projects are complex, sometimes agile and often organised in a decentralised way - especially when it comes to creating content. The Content Management System from socoto offers the ideal solution for collaborative work.

Various actors are involved before a single advertisement, newsletter or Internet spot is played out: creation, image, head and copy, legal text - everything originates from different project participants and requires different approval processes. socoto brings the participants of each individual content project together in a digital location and thus enables decoupled working - in terms of space, time and organisation.

The socoto Content Management System is more than just a storage location for diverse data: parallel work on individual advertising media is possible here. This is practical, as the participants do not work in advertising material templates but in components - i.e. the text, the image, the URL etc. are created by the project participants rather than the ad itself. At the same time, these components are used in various advertising materials. If a participant changes the content of a component, this change is adopted for all advertising media.

Defined release workflows control the entire process. Real-time processing ensures that the current version is always available. Individually configurable dashboards provide the necessary overview and allow both the individual status in the project and the central status of the project progress to be recognized. This provides the best conditions for working from any location.


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