AI - more than a trendy topic

Dr. Bernhard Gründer speaks at the Marketing Club Trier-Luxembourg

How will AI influence marketing, what will be the relevant content of the future, how will this change the working world of tomorrow? We are in very exciting times and in an absolute upheaval - in almost all areas of life. It starts with digitalisation and doesn't stop with global issues. All of this is currently keeping all marketing experts very busy.

Dr. Bernhard Gründer explores these questions in his lecture "Artificial intelligence, everyday benefits and examples not only in marketing", explains the basics of AI, accumulates background facts and brings his concentrated expertise to the point in such a way that it allows everyone to think about which tangible data and profitable insights can create real added value in their environment.

A terrific start for the club year of the Marketing Club Trier-Luxembourg, which started its lecture series under the motto "Marketing in all facets" with this lecture. 


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