Are you already advertising or still activating?

Do you want to implement a campaign and are still in the process of informing individual outlet locations and coordinating the participation of your retail network? With the new Campaign-Automator from socoto you can efficiently plan your upcoming campaigns, carry out automated participation queries and individualise advertising material for each location in an easy and efficient way.

The KPIs of the campaign are defined, the advertising materials are finished, the campaign is almost ready - if only there wasn't the additional challenge of coordinating the outlets, managing the participation and customising the advertising materials for individual locations. socoto’s new Campaign-Automator solves all of these problems.

The first piece of good news is for marketers: ALL campaigns can be managed via the Campaign-Automator - from the introduction of a new model or regionally-differentiated offers to events and open days.

And the good news for sales partners: they only need to opt in and select their offers and media - even better, for pre-set campaigns without advertising media selection, everything else is done automatically.

Easy planning and activation

By linking marketing planning and campaign automation tools, targets, advertising media and assets can all be predefined. An automated participation management process informs the partners - either that a campaign is available for selection or that they are participating in a campaign. A reminder, in case the first information is lost in the stress of everyday life, can also be scheduled as standard. So no one can lose track.

Participation is simple

All advertising materials created are individualised by the Campaign-Automator for each individual participating location without the need for any further action. Consequently, sales partners do not even have to customise the individual advertising materials, but can choose to add their own edits, prices and dates of specific sales events. The generation of the advertising material and the dispatch of the assets are also completely automated, as is usual with socoto.

Too theoretical? Here's a real-life use-case:

Christmas is just around the corner and with it, the campaign "Christmas presents for last-minute buyers". The various campaign subjects are in place, as is the time period - now all is needed is for the retail network to join in. The retail partners are informed about the planned campaign via an initial activation email. The employees of an outlet can then simply log in to the socoto marketing portal and find at a glance all relevant information about the upcoming campaign. Now each outlet only has to define which campaign offers to use for their customers and set their prices.

While outlet X, in Munich, selects the diamond ring offer and prices it at 999 euros, outlet B in Paris prefers a bracelet offer for 199.99 euros. Also, since both outlets have special Advent opening times - they can update this data briefly in the system. More importantly, should they need different advertising materials for PoS window displays, local publications and for their social media activities, etc. - each outlet can directly select different advertising materials and relevant assets via the Campaign-Automator, then sit back and wait for the Christmas shoppers.

The Campaign-Automator automatically creates a list for each individual outlet and individualises each advertising material with prices and opening hours.

Using the Campaign-Automator, this is how easy it is for companies to create multi-channel campaigns for each location within their retail network, to set precise touchpoints and actively lead the customer journey on both local and regional levels.


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